Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Article on why dietary changes are essential for weight loss

For years I have told people to just exercise and they will lose weight. With this method the weight loss was extremely slow and I was often frustrated because there was not the dramatic change that I had anticipated. On the other hand those who focus primarily on establishing healthy habits with meal planning and pick up exercise as well, see marvelous results. Notice I didn't say "diet" I replace that word because of it's negative stigma. "Meal planning" is a much better fit.

I am now confident that meal planning and diet is huge portion of the weight loss equation. Here is a recent study done on weight loss. It compares those who only exercise and those who incorporate nutrition. Keep in mind there are thousands of studies that support the idea that exercise leads to weight loss. This one strongly encourages a good nutrition plan along with exercise.


Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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Anonymous said...

it could be that i'm getting older but exercise alone isn't helping me lose weight. i have just discovered your blog. one of the few that is user friendly. thanks for posting & sharing.

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