Thursday, December 30, 2010

Banana Peanut Butter Fudge Shake

I love this shake it is simple and yummy. Perfect for a post workout with a nice combination of sugars and protein.

1/2 banana
3 ice cubes
1/2 cup water
1/2 scoop chocolate protein whey
1 Tablespoon PB2 (dry peanut butter)

Calories: 147
Carbs: 20
Protein: 13
Sugars: 10
Fat: 2.5

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Favorite Oatmeal Breakfast

Peanut Butter Agave Oatmeal

1/2 dry oatmeal
1 cup water
1 Tablespoon Agave nectar (buy at walmart or whole foods)
2 Tablespoons PB2 peanut butter (buy online

Combine oatmeal with water in microwave bowl. Cook in microwave on high for 3 minutes. Remove when done add both peanut butter and agave. Stir and serve.

Total Calories: 265
Carbs: 47
Protein: 9
Fiber: 5
Sugar: 7

This is a nice filling breakfast and is great runners! The PB2 peanut butter is awesome in oatmeal and I love it for smoothies. It is made by Bell Plantation. They take the peanuts and squeeze the oils out of them. Regular peanut butter will have around 165 calories for 2 Tablespoons. PB2 has 45 calories for 2 Tablespoons. It is a significant difference! I would say it is "so so" for the taste on sandwiches but is definitely worth the difference in calories. My kids can't tell the difference in taste...or at least they never complain or know when I give it to them. Agave is a nectar which used be hard to find but now they sell it at regular grocery stores like walmart. It looks like honey but to be honest I REALLY don't like honey but I do like agave.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Clean Eating Meal Plan Week 1 and 2 1600 calorie

All day meals are around 250 Calories 
Meal 1
Strawberry chocolate shake with hidden greens

Meal 2 (rotate daily)

Protein berry oatmeal/White Spinach Feta Omelet

Meal 3 (rotate daily)Fruit, protein ranch with veggies/String cheese, fruit and veggies

meal 4 (rotate daily)
Lime chicken, rice and beans/Chicken Avocado and lime on whole wrap/turkey sandwich

Meal 5 (rotate daily)Kashi granola bar and yogurt/Hummus, fruit and veggies

Dinner Meals with Family

Day 1-Savory Cilantro and Lime Chicken Fajitas (170 cal)
Day 2-Turkey Chili Pie Soup (230 cal)
Day 3-Lemon Chicken Stir Fry (225 cal)
Day4- Taco Salad (273 cal)
Day 5-Grilled Chicken (335 cal)
Day 6-Pita Pizzas (under 300 cal)

I will post the screen shots of my meal plan, but if you would prefer a printable pdf of the meal plan just enter your name and email below.  

Sorry I know these are super small! If you want to download them and print them from your computer, just enter you name and email at the bottom of this post, or enter it in on the right hand side of the blog. 

Happy Healthy Eating!
- Susan

Week 3-4

All day meals are around 250 Calories

Meal 1

Chocolate, Banana Fudge Smoothie

Meal 2 (rotate daily)
Sweet potato french toast/Egg Breakfast Sandwich/Apple pie Breakfast and Eggs

Meal 3 (rotate daily)
Churro nut mix and veggies/ Corn chips and guacamole dip

meal 4 (rotate daily)Turkey wrap/chicken salad/BBQ sandwiches

Meal 5 (rotate daily)
Veggies, cheese dip and sweet toast, Cheesy Popcorn and meaty cheese sticks

Dinner Meals with Family
Day 1-Loaded Baked Potato
Day 2-Mini Pizzas
Day 3-Salmon Steaks
Day4-Kebabs and Sweet Potato Fries
Day 5-Low Fat Enchiladas
Day 6- Left Overs

I will get the link up soon so you can see amounts and recipes.

Week 5-6

Week 5-6
All day meals are around 250 Calories

Meal 1

Vanilla Smoothie

Meal 2 (rotate daily)
Cream of Wheat and hard boiled egg/Egg wrap/Baked Oatmeal

Meal 3 (rotate daily)
Pita Chips and Hummus/Plain low fat yogurt/kashi go lean cereal

meal 4 (rotate daily)
Light Progresso soup and variety/Teriyaki chicken bowl

Meal 5 (rotate daily)
Peanut butter fruit/ Popcorn, nuts and apple

Dinner Meals with Family
Day 1- BBQ Sandwiches
Day 2- Tortilla Pizzas
Day 3- Pureed Tomato and Black Bean Soup
Day4- Healthy Homemade Turkey Loaf
Day 5- Grilled Peach and blueberry salad
Day 6- Leftovers

I will get the link up soon so you can see amounts and recipes. For my free printable pdf Clean Eating Meal plan, just enter your name and email below. Have a great day!

Week 7-8

All day meals are around 250 Calories

Meal 1
Sunrise Shake

Meal 2 (rotate daily)
Kashi cereal/scrambled eggs/black bean breakfast

Meal 3 (rotate daily)
Summer sorbet drink with agave popcorn/Banana Peanut butter fudge smoothie and endamame on the side

meal 4 (rotate daily)
Pita pocket/Chicken Quesadillas/Chicken and avocado rice bowl

Meal 5 (rotate daily)
Cottage cheese and fruit/Soft Cream cheese protein bars

Dinner Meals with Family
Day 1-Chicken Peanut stirfry
Day 2-Turkey Burgers
Day 3-Mexican Chicken Wraps
Day4-Tortilla Free Burritos
Day 5-Chicken Enchiladas Verde
Day 6-Avocado and Apple Chicken Salad

I will get the link up soon so you can see amounts and recipes.

Monday, December 20, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Talking with a friend the other day she made a comment about "lame motivators". In our discussion she cited class reunions and swimsuit season as a dumb reason to work out. Well I am telling you just the opposite! They are very good reasons and scientifically stronger motivators to people then death itself.

Goal days that are more imminent and close are much better motivators than those that are distant, unsure and far away. Also those that are tied to social accountability. If you have a day like that and feel guilty that you haven't already done it for your family or yourself DO IT ANYWAY. Use what ever excuse you get that gets you going and purify your process as you go.

As a Public Health Professional I have seen this time and again. This is why the anti-tobacco campaigns did not work in the beginning. They focused on the morbidity of smoking. They focused on the long term death, we found that kids knew that smoking would eventually kill them but they would start smoking anyway. Why is that? Because the close-at-hand social pressures were greater. When the anti-tobacco campaigns coupled with legislation started to focus on social norms (It is gross to smoke) they got a huge response from youth. We started to see a complete dive in smoking rates.

The same is true for us. Even on Biggest Loser. Their program would not be as successful or have as drastic results if they did not have a Finale at the end where the contestants were viewed by millions or given a large reward. Most contestants, however, as you watch the show become purified in the process. They get a taste for fit living.

They feel their first natural high after a workout or they realize how good clean eating can actually be and how awful they used to feel after eating and some continue to fight for that. They no longer do it only for others they do if for what they want to be and how it makes them feel. They realize that the pleasures of a healthy life actually do out weight the pleasures that come from binge eating, salty and sugar filled foods or sleeping in. They go through the learning curve. Which with the conversion of a junk food addict to clean eating there is DEFINITELY a learning curve, a big one.

With that in mind here comes New Years. Goals should be S.M.A.R.T.

  • S. Specific - Workout 5 days a week, eat five fruits and veggies a day, consume 1500 calories a day rather than "loose 25 pounds"
  • M. Measurable - "Work out more" as opposed to "Workout 5 days a week for 40 minutes" You need to know whether you have accomplished it or not.
  • A. Achievable- Losing 50 pounds is great but I would start with a 25, 20 or 10 pound mile stone. Also you need to depend on yourself. Your really cannot make goals for other people. Those would count on someone else to achieve.
  • R. Realistic- This falls along the same lines as achievable. If your body type just will not allow for a certain shape or skill you may want to focus on one that is more complimentary. For example, if you are a body builder not a runner try shooting for that or vise versa. Also if you want to lose 40 pounds in a month it is possible but may not be realistic or healthy. It depends on your current weight and strategies. If you don't mind water and muscle loss along with fatigue and no long term lifestyle changes then it may be possible.
  • T-Timetable- Goals should have a time line attached to them. For example. Create 5 healthy meal plans buy February 2nd. or Keep a food journal for 3 days are great deadlines. Or even run a half marathon in 6 months is possible!
Well I guess that is enough of my soap box for now. Good luck on New Years goals. Make them SMART and don't feel bad if you have a silly reason to get there just purify the process as you go.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mommy McDonalds and HEALTHY FRY SAUCE!

Last night we had a Mommy McDonalds and by the words of one of my boys it was "Awesome!!!" One casualty of healthy eating is McDonalds but our Mommy McDonalds was a complete success.

  We had:
  • healthy and tastier chicken nuggets
  • baked fries
  • less sugar chocolate milk
  • grapes
  • apples
  • endamame beans
  • healthy fry sauce (Fry sauce is a Utah specialty, I don't think a healthy version existed any where in the world until last night)
  • a prize at the end
McDonald's in our family has had two benefits. First I don't have to cook and second the kids love the playground. Well first of all I still have to cook with this Mommy Mcdonalds, it took me about an hour from start to finish. That benefit cannot be changed but the time and effort that I spent on the meal is over come by another feeling and that is peace. When we go to McDonalds and my kids eat the chicken nuggets and fries I feel terribly guilty. I think of the chicken nugget demonstrations that I have seen in the past where they show you all the disasters that go into a chicken nugget. Pure chemicals and yuckiness. So to say the least although I have to sweat it out a little I feel good inside.

Second of all the indoor play ground it is difficult for me to find outside of McDonalds but I did find one! Lifetime Fitness has an indoor play ground in their kids center. At McDonalds for our family of 6 we usually spend around $24 a time. That is the exact amount it costs for me to put my 4 kids in the kids center monthly. That makes sense to me.

I did not do the calorie counts on all of this or even measure ingredients but I will do my best to tell you what we did because it was a COMPLETE success! I am sure that everyone has their own recipes and to be honest this is not a completely clean meal but I didn't feel terrible about eating it and my kids didn't feel deprived because of Mommy and Daddys diet.

Fries- I peeled and cut the potatoes into small thin strips after lightly misting the pan. I stuck them in the oven at 400 degrees watching them carefully. As they get soft salt them (like I said not completely clean) when they are soft through turn the broiler on for two minutes to give them a slight crunch. But watch them they can burn quickly. You can also mist the top of them with an canola oil spray (out of the oven before broil) I didn't do this.

Chicken nuggets- I cut the fat off of a raw chicken breast and cut it into small cubes. I then dipped it in egg whites and redipped it in a mixture of whole wheat smashed crackers, malt to meal, low fat parmasean cheese and dry chicken broth. Like I said I really don't know measurements. I then baked the chicken nuggets with the fries on separate pans. These were very tasty and my kids said they liked them "better than McDonalds".

Chocolate Milk- Omit this if you want. We us a less sugar version of it.

Grapes, Endamame Beans, Apples- Whatever meal we have at home I want it to be 70%-50% Veggie and Fruit so I load up the kids plates with the veggies and fruits that they like and put a bite full of the ones they don't like. But I must say "Ninja Beans" (endamame) are one of my kids favorite.

Healthy Fry Sauce- If you have never had this then don't start. The normal version is a mix of mayo and ketchup and if fries didn't already clog your arteries then the normal version of this stuff is the death sealer. But I was raised on it, and have always loved it. The other night I thought there is sure to be a way to make this semi healthy! I found it. Now these measurements aren't exact, I really don't know what I did but 1/2 cup of low fat or fat free cottage cheese blended in the blender with 1/8 cup or more of water. Add water until it became a mayo consistency. Then add a few tablespoons of your favorite bbq sauce and ketchup until it is a deep pink. Blend again. My husband who hates mayo and has to sit on the other side of the table when the fry sauce is brought out ATE this! I was shocked! I was even surprised at how much I liked it. It was perfect.

I then gave my kids a little prize at the end to make it even more special. Enjoy and have fun with your family! You can still do it in a healthy way!

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Fit Foods Deal!!!

Hooray for fit foods! Honestly I don't know a soul that works there but I am excited that they have a half off voucher! I will definitely use mine! I found it on face book. It expires tomorrow and I think they only have store fronts in Houston. Foods are clean with the right balance or protein and carbs. They are fresh packaged foods so everything is measured and freshly made.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baba Ganoush- Egg Plant Hummus

My husband loves exotic food. When we go out to eat he never orders the same dish, while I on the other hand will only eat it if I like it and I don't dare take the chance of ordering something I don't like. 11 years ago when we got married he introduced me to Indian food. Bless his soul. As a country girl from a small town I thought Indian food was Indian Fry Bread (don't laugh we all have our ignorance :) since then I have grown to LOVE Indian food, with its flavors and delights.

What does this have to do with Baba Ganosh...nothing really except my husband is now exploring other foods and I get to take advantage of his discoveries. We had Baba Ganosh the other night. It is an Arab dish that I would say is comparable to hummus in texture and gives you a power punch of antioxidants (that is just a buzz word for either vitamin A, C, E in this case vitamin C). Baba Ganosh is one of the few dishes that I like so far that is made of egg plant and rates an A- in calorie count for nutrition. It is also very high in manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and dietary fiber. The only negative that I could see besides the near absence of protein is that it is a dip, which means crackers, breads, chips and even pita chips are used to eat it. In searching for recipes, however, I discovered a post from where she had the same dilemma and discovered that she could use veggies (which are complex carbohydrates) to dip instead of the refined carbs such as breads. She has a nice lower fat recipe with a photo on her website. And since many chefs make their Baba float in oil this is a good alternative along with this recipe from calorie count .

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some of My favorite Links

Just thought I would share some of my favorite links. I will put them on the side bar here soon. (K this one isn't a food sight but it is a place where you can go to review movies before you see them.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can you spot the ninja? One more secret to getting kids to eat more veggies

Several posts ago I published an article about 12 secrets to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. I realized today that I left a crucial tactic out that I use almost daily. The tactic is "Rename them"

I used this while trying to introduce my kids to new veggies. For example, I knew my kids would like edamame beans once they tasted them. They are very yummy but these beans smell kind of funny while cooking and look unflavorful. I knew that once my kids got them in their mouth, however, they would like them but how to do that...?

I decided that if I renamed them "ninja beans" they might just try them because what little boy isn't intrigued by the idea of a ninja? It worked like a charm. In fact, now I just have to make sure they don't eat too many.

We have also renamed different items dinosaur eggs, bat eyes and giants delight. I will let you guess the items on your own. I am sure the tactic will work for little princesses as well..."fairy" is a good buzz word for little girls...I am sure others could get even more creative than I can be...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lean Habits 101

Don't know where to start? Here ya go!

Lean Habits Guidelines
Daily Habits
Habit 1- Drink water 1-2 Liters
Habit 2 - Get sleep In bed by 10, 7-9 hours of rest
Habit 3 - Eat often Eat every 2-3 hours, but eat light
Habit 4 - Pack a cooler each day 10 min the night before or morning of
Habit 5 - Activities 20 min Strength training/20 min cardio/20 min meditation*
Weekly Habits
Habit 6 - Meal Plan/Grocery shop 1 hour a week planning, 1 hour shopping
Habit 7 - Prepare meals in advance Meal prep every 5-6 days
*exceed recommended amount if you are already doing the minimum level. Meditation can include: reading, prayer, yoga, or other relaxation techniques which lower the heart rate.
I know what you are thinking..."I can't spend just an hour in the store. 7-9 hours of sleep impossible!! In bed by 10?!!! Yeah Right!" and so forth. I know me too! But this is a place to start. Shape your environment to shape you. For example, Sleep the night before effects my eating habits for several days after. I tend to eat junk and I tend to not care when I am fatigued.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Lunch

This was a fun meal. Honestly it took a little longer to make than usual but for Halloween it was worth it. The little boys loved it. The sandwiches started out as witches fingers and then they turned into attacking"slug thingies".

Instead of focusing on carbs, proteins, fats with my kids I use a different rule. At every meal except breakfast I do "the five" protein, fruit, veggie, grain and water. It may not be completely scientific or perfectly formulated but it works for me and helps me to achieve the long term goal of introducing them to lots of fruits and veggies without the feeling of deprivation.

There was a time where I served just mac and cheese and called it a meal. There was also a time when I considered mac and cheese a poison and banned it from the pantry. Now I will give them mac and cheese every once in a while but with lots of other good stuff and smaller serving sizes of it. The same with pizza. It is funny how cut apples and green beans can turn an unhealthy meal into a not so unhealthy meal :)

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Clean Eating

What do you think of when you hear the term "Clean eating"? When I first heard the term it made me think of someone who was pale and sickly looking. I thought it meant cutting out...well everything. I also thought it meant being extreme in your choices of produce and meats. While that is great (and one day soon I hope to be more specific myself) I personally couldn't start with that.

Clean eating refers to not just what you eat but how you eat. LOTS of food, but healthy food. The right combination of protein, fats and complex carbohydrates. Lots and lots of water. It is a glorious state of being. All the numbness of taste buds that salt, fat and sugar cause begins to disappear. Fruit and vegetables actually taste good again. Lime juice is a delicious flavoring, ginger, garlic and herbs taste fantastic. You feel good and if you are like me your headaches go away and you have energy to take care of everyone around you including yourself. You don't have to think about what you will eat or when because it is already planned out. You can focus on other things in life than your food and you feel invigorated. You don't overeat, you don't beat yourself up any more. You just feel ...GOOD. While I personally still have A LONG way to go (remember junk food junkie here) the days I do focus on this I feel grand.

Who eats clean? It isn't the extremist health food community (although many have adopted the term) it is the body building community. Those who know the art of building a beautiful body. When I say body building, I don't mean just weight lifting competitors but men and women who compete by sculpting and shaping muscles and standing on a stage to show it. While this is too much for most of us who would never attempt a stage presence in a swim suit the principles have been mastered by the body building community and there have been recent efforts to try to bring these eating tactics mainstream.

If you do see one of these competitors on the street we tend to think "wow, they must work out a lot" but all of them will tell you that 80-90 percent of their hard work comes from what they eat. It is almost all about the eating. Over a year ago I would have never thought that body sculpting is mostly done through eating but it is. These people still spend ample time in the gym, that is without being said, but I don't think the common folk like us realize that their true battle isn't on the gym floor but in the kitchen. These people are artists and their canvas is their physic. Their materials are clean foods. Although, again, most of us would not go that extreme the principles are the same. I would highly recommend the book "The Clean Eating Diet." It is an easy read with recipes and some great advice. Also the biggest looser really pushes for clean eating. Most of their meals are clean. The most recent book 6 Weeks to a Healthier You has some wonderful recipes and great basic advice.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Protein Pairing

Have you ever woke up determined that your weight loss or healthy eating has begun? You start with a healthy cereal, oatmeal or pancakes. Later you get the shakes and get irritable so you snack on an apple or a veggie but feel famished within the hour. All of your determination begins to dissolve and you decide that you will start again tomorrow or that it isn't worth it to be hungry all of the time to eat healthy.

"Protein Pairing" is a principle of clean eating that is essential. You eat a small amount of protein with each snack and meal. Notice I didn't say "meat"...just a lean protein. It is pretty easy to add a protein to almost any snack. String cheese to an apple will keep blood sugars level and keep you fuller longer. Protein whey is a very nice protein to use as are egg whites. In fact, protein whey is used by the body much more efficiently then eggs are. Nuts as glorious and pure as they are, are also a nice addition but they count as a healthy fat as well and you really need to watch the numbers on those. A bowl full of almonds can be deadly on a calorie count.

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Lean Habits Meal Plans week 7-8

I feel a little sheepish when I look at the numbers on this blog and realize that there are a lot of visitors but I have neglected posting anything for some time. I will admit it has been a little challenging to pack up and move my little family out of state while my husband was already away working. I am settling in however and feel a little less guilty about writing a post here and there.

A while ago I took off the downloads to the meal plans because of some issues with a third party site that I was using, I didn't have any control over their advertising but now I have found a way to put the meal plans back on using another site that I built for my Brothers 5k. I have complete control and there are no more pop ups!

Here is a link to the page that contains a down load of a clean eating meal plan. Lean Habits Meal Plan Weeks 7-8 It is complete with a shopping list, calorie calculations, recipes, 6 rotate able meals a day and some delicious new dinners. It follows clean eating guidelines (mostly) but I must admit the calorie count on this one is a little rougher than the others. Let me know if you have any problems opening it or finding it on the 5k page. If you do share with others please direct them to my humble eating blog.

Here is a brief overview of the meal plan

Week Meal Plan
Meal 1- Sunrise Shake (Delicious Post or Pre workout)
Meal 2- Rotate - Eggs - Kashi cereal - black bean breakfast
Meal 3- Rotate - Yummy Sorbet and agave popcorn - peanut butter fudge shake
Meal 4- Rotate - pita pocket - chicken quesadillas - chicken avocado rice bowl
Meal 5- Rotate - cottage cheese and fruit - homemade soft cream cheese protein bars
Meal 6- Dinner meals different each night: Chicken peanut stir fry, turkey burgers, Mexican chicken wraps, tortilla free burritos, chicken enchiladas, avocado and apple chicken salad

Most meals are around 250 calories making the day around 1800 calories. Read the rules at the end of the download.

Happy clean or attempted clean eating!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater!

You are wondering why I haven't posted recently? That's because I am a cheater!

I blew my eating plan all of July. I ate bad... Old habits die hard especially in the middle of craziness. I think I have gained 5 pounds. But it isn't a record. 30 pounds in 1 month and half is my all time high. It just proves that it isn't knowledge but environment that provides success in the end. We shape our environment to shape us.

But now I have regrouped or I am still regrouping. Just a bump in my journey. Besides the 5k that I planned and carried out for my brothers family our life has been thrown into a whirl wind with a new, fast move and career change. I will be leaving my home state, my jobs and family in the middle of some hard times. We are moving to Houston Texas. Whew...if I can eat well in the end of this I will call it a success.

I found a great website for nutrition calculators. You can figure out your personal needed water intake, protein intake, BMI, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate- The amount of calories you burn a day at rest) and more. Just fair warning the website contains info for figure and fitness competitors so lots of ladies in swimsuits with big muscles but stay on the calculator page and you won't have to see all that. :)

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Agave Microwave Popcorn

I went to see the movie Eclipse with my darling high school friends. These are true friends that I have known for years. Not one acted bugged when I brought my healthy snacks in the theater, which I really appreciate!

Before I left I contemplated movie popcorn no way! I had some the other night and remembered the ugly statistic that most people consuming popcorn during a movie eat as many calories as they would if they ate three quarter pounders right in a row.

Also they eat 3 days worth of saturated fat! That stuff is fattttennning and it only makes you want to eat more and drink pop! Once in a great while won't kill a person but I definitely wasn't going to repeat it in the same week and I am so weak so once I start, I don't stop.

So in a flash, just before running out the door, I made a concoction that turned out really yummy! Agave Popcorn. It tasted like kettle corn...but better. In fact, one of my sweet friends is trying to eat healthy and not knowing what it was when it was passed down the row she tasted it and didn't dare eat anymore because it was too good.

Agave is a nectar that can be used as a sweeter. It is low on the glycemic index so it won't spike insulin like sugar does. Also it has a lot less calories. You can buy it at walmart or any health food store. I know sounds odd but we use it instead of syrup on pancakes now. It is pretty yummy!

Plain popcorn (without the heaps of butter) is a really good snack! Lots of fiber and here is the don't have to pull out the old, dusty air popping machine to have healthy popcorn. You don't even have to buy the expensive "lite" microwave popcorn! You just need a microwave and a brown paper sack...Here is the the recipe below.

Agave Popcorn
1/4 cup corn kernels
1 Tbs agave
dash of salt
Brown paper sack

Put popcorn kernels in paper sack and drizzle agave in bag and dash in salt. Close the bag and shake it to coat popcorn. Put in microwave on popcorn setting (usually around 2 min and 20 sec depending on microwave). Watch closely to make sure it doesn't burn. Remove from microwave and serve :) Healthy and tasty and you don't have to feel like an odd ball when everyone else is munching down! Enjoy!

For 5 cups of popcorn! A heaping serving!
Cal 160
fats .5
Chol 0
sodium 0
carbs 40
sug 15
fiber 7
protein 4

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free Clean Eating Meal Plan pdf download

I just discovered that the third party hosting service that I was using to hold the meal plan downloads started displaying inappropriate pop-ups. Too bad that a few sickos ruin things for the rest of us.

I have taken down all the meal plan downloads so if you would like some please email me. I will try to figure out a way to add attachments to blogger but as far as I know it isn't possible without third party hosting. The downloads were nice because you can print the meal plan, grocery list and all the calories and measurements and hang it on the fridge. Having it displayed is an essential part of the system.

Thanks everyone!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Family Fitness- Live Great

Mark the Great 5k!
I am going to stray from my normal posts and indulge for a second on a family affair. Many of you know that on this day, last June, I had a brother suddenly die of a heart attack. He was 42 and left 6 children and a wife. Much of what I am doing now 'eating-wise' is directly related to that experience.

Last year after his death I helped put on a 5k to raise money for his family. We are putting it on again this year but more as a celebration of his life. Here is the website it is going to be a lot of fun and it is the best course that I have ever ran in a 5k (and believe me I have done a lot of races)! I will post more details here in the near future. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grilled Chicken Avocado Wrap

This is a delicious light lunch that satisfies! It is a tasty way to get the complex carb, lean protein and healthy fat all in one and all under 240 calories!!!

1 whole wheat La favorita tortilla carb cutter (80 calories found at walmart)
2 oz grilled chicken breast
3 Tbs avocado
1 wedge light Swiss laughing cow cheese
1/4 fresh lime

Microwave tortilla for 3o seconds. Spread laughing cow cheese on hot tortilla. Smash fresh avocado on tortilla and use as spread. Place chicken breast in wrap and squeeze the lime over the top. Wrap tortilla and enjoy. Delicious!!!

Nutrition info:
Calories 237
Fats 8
Carbs 3.5
Sugars 1
Fiber 2.5
Protein 15.7

Egg White Spinach Omlete

I know this is one of those that sounds odd but it is really yummy!

First why egg whites?

Egg whites are low in calories, have no fat, no cholesterol and are abundant in protein. Egg whites only have 17 calories per egg. One egg yolk, however, has two thirds the recommended amount of cholesterol and has 59 calories!

Spinach as we all know is a power food and feta cheese is low in fat but has a nice sharp taste that compliments these flavors well.

Egg White Spinach Omelet 
Healthy Breakfast Omelet
Serves 1

1/4 cup chopped yellow onion,
1/4 cup chopped red peppers,
3 fresh white mushrooms washed and sliced,
a handful of raw spinach (one cup),
6 egg whites or 6 tbs liquid egg whites (can buy at walmart),
1/4 cup feta cheese.

Mist nonstick pan with olive oil or canola oil spray. Cook onions until clear then add red peppers, mushrooms, and spinach. Cook until red peppers are soft (spinach will soften. Add egg whites and flip when bottom is light brown and solid. Add feta cheese to top of cooked omelet. Serve, salt to taste.

Calories 100
Fat 2
Carbs 8
Sugars 2
Protein 33
Fiber 3

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bake Berry Oatmeal

I ate this the other day and loved it!

I got this recipe from Jen Grothe. I believe she made it up so if you use it or share it remember to cite her :)

Makes 1 serving


1/2 cup dry oatmeal
1 cup water
2-3 T egg whites
1/8 t baking powder
2-3 T sugar-free Torani Raspberry syrup (at Harmon's) or use another sugar free flavored syrup.
1/4 cup blueberries
4 large strawberries
sugar or sugar substitute to taste
pinch brown sugar/splenda mix for top


Combine above ingredients with the exception of brown sugar. Bake in 350 oven for 30 minutes. Remove. Turn oven to broil. Sprinkle brown sugar on top. Broil til brown sugar carmelizes.


Calories 244
Total Fat 3g
Sodium 98.25mg
Total Carbohydrate 43.63g
Dietary Fiber 8g
Sugars 13.13g
Protein 10.88g

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sweet Potato French Toast in Sandwich Maker

This is a recipe from my neighbor that I made this morning for my Hubbie for Fathers Day.

1/2 bottle of plain sweet potato baby food
6 eggs whites 0r 6 Tbs liquid egg whites
1 tsp vanilla
pinch on cinnamon
45 calorie bread Sara Lee (or Ezekiel bread found in health food stores) or protein bread
Sugar Free Syrup

Mix first 4 ingredients in blender and pour in bowl. Coat both sides of bread and cook on stove top or in sandwich maker. Serve with sugar free syrup. Enjoy!!!

I need to mention that the only picture that I could find of this was off of It looks yummy on there...I wouldn't have thought it was such a luxurious breakfast! Special thanks to Krista!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Snack Attack Veggie Tray

Just before dinner as things are cooking and getting ready I get a swarm of little boys who smell the food and start to circle like little hungry sharks. They will often open the fridge or the pantry and beg for something to eat. We are just minutes from dinner. A friend suggested to me to bring out a veggie tray and set it on the counter as I am preparing dinner so that the little ones have healthy food to snack on just before dinner. It is such a simple, easy idea. Some health authorities suggest serving a salad before meals so that you fill up on good things first. This is the same concept.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meal Planning a Secret Weapon

The woman across the table from me looks up with tears in her eyes. "I have tried everything" she says "Everything!" Immediately my heart sinks and I feel completely bad for her. I can't imagine the years of frustration that she has been through. She proceeds to tell me her story. Pills, patches, liquid diets, shots, personal training plans, even gastric bypass.

We continue in our conversation. "What about meal planning?" I ask. Immediately the light goes out in those once tearful eyes. She has left me. She has gone somewhere in her memory where she tried meal planning in the past. "That is too hard" she will say with surety that it is so.

"Too hard?" I'm puzzled.

"Yes too hard."

This is a scenario that has played out several times with dozens of different women but with similar feelings and obstacles.

"But wait what about the pills, the patches, the shots, the gastric bypass? Wasn't that hard too?"

In my opinion, meal planning is much easier than any of those things but it yields much far reaching results. It is however a process, it is a habit. Habits take time and patience. Some of us will give anything a real try but the right thing.

Healthy meal planning is a secret weapon. I will be honest though. It is a long road, full of trial and error, but also a road of wonderful flavors and tastes. A road to a final maintainable weight loss with little or not self deprivation. Chances are if you don't currently meal plan it will save you a ton of money. If you already do you may have to go through a period of experimentation to make those meals more healthy. Either way we are all still on a journey one where we can always improve. It took a while for most of us to arrive at our current physical state, it will take us a while to arrive at our desired state if we do it right.

Notice I said that meal planning is "a" secret weapon and not "the" secret weapon. In the fight for maintainable weight loss there isn't just one weapon that will win the war. There are many that need to be utilized, but when used together strategically success can be obtained. Good luck!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Dessert for Breakfast

I felt like I was eating dessert for breakfast this morning and honestly if I were served this shake at Cold Stone and didn't know what it was, I would think I was sinning. So I named this protein shake that is packed with power foods "Dessert for Breakfast". I feel better just looking at it. Strawberries and blueberries are fat, ripe and cheap right now in the stores so this is a good time to try this.

The recipe is below. It is similar to what I have already posted with some added ingredients. I added blueberries and ground flax seed or flax seed meal which up until 2 months ago I thought was over the top and only for extreme health nuts...I guess it still is.

I have however recently converted to the idea that it takes healthy fats to burn fat. That is a true principle so I have been looking for ways to add in more healthy fat into my meals so that I don't have to worry about taking a fish oil supplement (which is just fine by the way). So I went to a local health food store and bought some flax seed meal which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. You can read more about it here For some reason it added a very nice texture to the shake and enhanced the yummy flavors. I am definitely hooked!

Here is the recipe:

Dessert for Breakfast Protein Shake
1 cup loose raw spinach leaves (benefits)
4 ripe medium strawberries (benefits )
1/4 cup blueberries ( benefits )
1 tbs ground flax seed ( benefits ) health foods store
1/2 scoop chocolate protein whey (at Walmart, Costco, Sam's usually in health food section)
1/4 cup raw oats (benefits)
4-6 ice cubes or 1 cup crushed ice
1/2 cup water

Put all ingredients in the blender and blend well and listen for the consistency to change. The blender will suddenly make a higher pitched sound when it is ready, otherwise it takes 2 minutes or longer for the blend time.

Nutrition facts:
Calories 200, fiber 7g, carb 25, sodium 35, protein 18 g, fat 4g
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