Saturday, January 2, 2010

70-80% of how you look and feel is what you eat!

I am completely convinced that 70-80% of how you look and how you feel is what you eat. Drats!!! The exercise part is so easy for me now, but the eating makes me dig down deep and try to change how I think, shop, meal plan and manage my time; And it even affects my social activities. Grrrrr! It sounds so tough but we try and we fail and we try and we fail until one day it becomes who we are and the majority of effort and mystery is gone. And we are so grateful for the new life that we live.

So many of us have forgotten how to eat, how to plan and subsequently how to really live. We don't remember what it was like to wake up refreshed and to have continued energy throughout the day. We claim that we eat well but deep down we know that we really just eat better than the people we see at McDonalds.

I was raised on junk food. Calories, sodium, fat, simple carbohydrates were never even thought of. I grew up having Pepsi in my bottle and meals, if planned at all, were always centered around what "sounded good" and was the most quick to make. No one is to blame for this. I had plenty of advantages in other areas and I was raised with love. I could have not been luckier with my upbringing but I have had an uphill battle to face with learning to eat the way I was intended.

In college I decided to quit my Pepsi habit. It had been a part of my life for so long. I was feeling guilty about the caffeine. The process of quitting was extremely difficult. I remember the headaches and the cravings. But boy am I glad. I am glad I didn't switch to diet of try to focus on caffeine free. I gave it all up and though I had a rough few months I have had years of freedom, without the cravings, without the need.

So were does the statistic of 70-80% come from? I believe it is made up. I have heard it from an amazing personal trainer friend and tried to find even a weak study to support it but I came up empty handed. So why should I support it?

In my own life I have put it to the test. As a competitive marathoner and aerobics instructor who has exercised 2-4 hours a day at times. I see that eating has the major impact upon weight management. I tried to deny it for years saying that I ran or exercised so that I could eat how I wanted. I now know, however, that what it takes me an hour to burn in calories I can eat in 15 minutes (no joke) and most people do. The last two months I have been eating mostly directed by what I wanted and not what was good for me and blaming it on my pregnancy. Our bodies know what is good for us but our taste buds do not. What a waste of time. You never eat a chocolate bar than are grateful you did a week or even a day later. But you are when you eat well.

Now I am ready to begin again to feel good again. Eating well always pays off!

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Sal-my-gal said...

So true! I gave myself way too much leeway over the holidays and ended up right back into my old habits. Maybe even worse than before. 2 weeks of holidays have set me back 2 months in my weight-loss and fitness goals. You live and learn. It really is an addiction. I just can't touch the stuff. Ever again.

I kicked the caffine habit too. I really was hard. I've been "sober" 12 years. Now if I can just kick the sugar habit. I think that one's going to be harder.

Thanks for all your tips. I can use all the help I can get. You're an inspiration!

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