Saturday, January 23, 2010

Adapting Week 5 for Young Children

Here is a good question:

"These meal plans are great but I am still trying to figure out how to work them around my children."

Here are a few ideas. I always make the menu plan and focus on my husband and I when I make it. I then write down some additional items to buy for my kids in the grocery list.

Menu adaptions:
Meal 1 shake
My kids usually don't get this one. They are still asleep when I eat it but once in a while they get a taste or even want one of their own.

Meal 2
Breakfast- Eggs, I use two pans, one for my husband and I and one for the kids, I use whole eggs for them (instead of the egg whites) and real cheese. My kids can use the extra fat. I cook our meals at the same time it isn't difficult. I give them the eggs, with ketchup, wheat toast, a banana and milk. They get the pancakes, and french toast like we do except I use a homemade syrup for them instead of the light syrup that I use for us, I also put a little sugar on their oatmeal.

Meal 3
Since my little ones have afternoon kindergarten they need to eat their "lunch" at 11:30. So the meal plan does not work for us here anyway. Instead of making them a speed meal like I do for myself I try to make them a hearty meal that will hold them over until their after school snack. A typical day is peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread, a veggie (carrots or broccoli), sliced apples, pears or oranges, and chocolate milk (grain, veggie, fruit, protein and dairy-the rule of 5 think of 5 fingers as you make their meals) I also switch to soups and other types of sandwiches on some days, but I always follow the 5 rule for their lunches.

Meal 4
Right when they get home I usually have a after school mix waiting for them. Low sugar or sugar free cereal (rice chex or multigrain cheerios) unsalted peanuts, raisins and a few m&ms and water. Or I use the rule of 5 and make it a meal.

Meal 5
Dinner with the family. They eat what we eat. I apply the rule of 5 with them even if our (my husband and I) dinner doesn't call for a fruit because of calories I will add one for the sake of our children.

Before bedtime snack
This varies according to how well they ate dinner. I feed them if they are hungry. I try to include a protein since it is more filling through the night.

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