Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weight Training the Secret to Boosting Metabolism

Time and time again I work with women that have plateaued in their fitness. After an initial assessment, most of the time I find that women in general neglect weight training because they are afraid of bulking or want to spend all their exercise time "burning fat".

Strength training is one of the few actual scientifically proven ways to increase the body's metabolism. As we build muscle we increase the fat burning factories in our body. Who doesn't want more fat burning factories? Making our at-rest-metabolism (basal metabolic rate) higher. With a steady state cardio we do burn calories but with strength training, we build muscle which burns calories all of the time even when we are at rest!

Women have a negligent amount of testosterone compared to men and it is very difficult and nearly downright impossible to become "bulky" for most. The few that achieve this look do it through a lot of dedication, hard work and supplementation and it isn't something that accidentally happens.

A weekly work out plan that is varied in intensity, heart rate zone and strength training is best to reduce plateau.

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