Friday, January 15, 2010

Free days

I am not advocating free days but I am currently doing them. Plans such as Body for Life/Eating for Life and a few others incorporate them. My opinion is that it depends on a persons personality. I have heard people say that having a free day was the only thing in the week that would keep them going. I have also heard them criticized because people can consume large amounts of calories all at once, or they declare instantaneous free days when ever they get into a situation where they are faced with a goody.

I am finding that they work for me but only when I have a friend on board with me. My good friend Alisha was the inspiration behind me doing free days. I was going to cut out the chocolate completely. I am a chocoholic. (Seriously. I don't know if there is anyone on the face of the earth as bad as I am.) I have found success in the past with treating my chocolate as an addiction and going off of it completely for sometimes years at a time. Once I am off it for around two weeks the cravings seem to stop and I can carry on. My friend suggested free days (which I have tried before). The idea that I am implementing now is that my 6 meals stay the same on those days and I stick to my meal plan but I can have a treat too. I want to find something that I can do for the rest of my life.

At the end of the month Alisha and I have a lunch date. If I mess up throughout the month I buy her lunch. If she messes up she buys mine. If neither of us mess up than we buy our own. It has been great. It is the right motivation for me. For some reason if I answer to someone (besides my husband) than I have success.

I started teaching aerobics classes for this reason as well. I wanted to set up my exercise environment for success. If I have a running partner outside my door in the morning or an aerobics class waiting for me than I do it. That is something I can set up ahead of time so that when the early morning comes and the alarm goes off, I will get up and not sleep in.

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