Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Week 3 meal tips

Chicken Casserole- Make sure to use whole wheat spiral pasta. Don't' over cook the pasta when boiling. Cook the mixture all at once and split into 9 servings (290 cal each) and store in the fridge. A little salt will make it taste better. It is a good quick meal for variety.

Protein pancakes- I times the recipe by 4 and cook several at a time. I then freeze them in groups of 2-3 medium pancakes (this is the serving size) When we want them in the morning we pop them in the toaster and they taste as good as fresh. Depending on your blender and the amount of moisture in your cottage cheese you may have to add 2-3 tbs of water to the mixture to thin it out a little bit.

Apple pie breakfast- This is a recipe. I pull recipes from websites and books like the Biggest Looser, Eating for Life, the American Heart Association etc. so I often get confused but try to still site them. I wanted to make sure to give her credit for this fabulous breakfast.

I buy my chicken in bulk for 1.25 a pound at the local grocery store (which is great by the way). I then slowly cook it in the crock pot with some chicken bullion seasoning. I then freeze it in 3 oz servings bags. If I double bag it or use freezer bags it stays fresh and tastes great to put on salads or use in casseroles. I just microwave it for 1 minute and it is ready to go.

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