Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week 4 is here

Here is week 4.

Just a word of caution. If you are doing the 6 meals a day make sure you are staying around 250 calories per meal as well as including a healthy carb and a protein! That will carry your hunger into the next time period for eating. It is A LOT of food and if you aren't counting calories you might find you are not reaching your weight loss goals like you desire.

So don't discount the fat free and lower calorie options. If you do, you might want to cut back to fewer meals with even lighter snacks in between. I know this system won't work for everyone but I would hope for the benefits some will give it a full hearted try.

I included the dinners on the shopping list this time. I hope it doesn't mess anyone up. I would prefer that you did your own dinners and try to make them healthy but I got tired of making two shopping lists so here it is. It will help the few of you that want to try the dinners that we are using.

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