Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week three on the way!

Thanks everyone for the emails, the comments on the blog and for the people who have talked to me. I really thought no one was reading this so I have been a little bit lazy with publishing meals plans.

Next week I will sharpen things up and have a new meal plan for week 3. As you read the meal plans and actually do it you may notice that some can be repeated for two weeks (like week 1). Because of the rotation on some of the meals it is easy to repeat them without getting too tired of the meals. Week 2 is almost a repeat of week one but with a few changes. If you would like more dinner ideas I can do those as well.

Now on to my post today. I wanted to share a few quick tips on how I pull together a "Fit Family Meal."

Successful dinners in my family include a protein (grilled chicken or salmon), a steamed or oven roasted veggie (peas and carrots are higher in sugar so be careful with those) a grain or another type of complex carbohydrate like a sweet potato.

Working on the mental part of eating is important for me too. Instead of dreaming about a yummy dessert. I try to switch my thinking to strawberries or mangoes. Those are still a treat but a little more healthy. Trying to use lime juice or lemon juice instead of salad dressings is also a good way to reduce the grease and guck.

Also it is important to have a regular grocery shopping day. Set time aside for this. I save the most money when I do a two week shopping trip but I am finding that once a week is also beneficial and more practical for me right now. The more I stay out of the store, the less junk I buy and the less money I spend.

If we are to do priorities here I would say a good eating plan is more important than a good exercise plan. The eating is where it is at for weight loss and the exercise is vital for health, weight maintenance and for those who want the extra edge to looking great!

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Heather said...

Susan you are amazing! I love that you do this! Thanks for sharing with us all!

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