Friday, February 26, 2010

Buying fruit and veggies in season

When I first started trying to eat healthy I heard that eating fruits and veggies in season was better but I didn't know why. I would go to the produce section and look around at the variety and wonder how anyone knew what was in season. I felt slightly self conscious as I selected my produce since I had no idea what I was looking for. I thought there was a secret website or book out there that would tell me what was growing and when so that I could get the maximum amount of benefit from a fruit or veggie.

It is much more simple and obvious than I had ever dreamed. What is on sale is usually in season (at least in season somewhere.)

The benefits of buying fruits and veggies in season are different than I thought. I imagined that fruits and veggies in season had some type of secret ingredient that they didn't have otherwise.

The truth is that the main benefit of veggies and fruits in season is that they are much more affordable. You can buy a lot at a lower cost and depending on the produce the sugars seem to be more set making them taste and look more appealing to the family.

Also there are economical benefits of not shipping long distances and the possibility of losing nutrients in the process. The biggest benefit however is cost to the consumer. When the produce is in season it is abundant and does not last long so stores are anxious to get ride of it quickly. Stores will usually have signs saying how much you save compared to the normal sale price(funny how they never list how much you lose).

Consuming fresh fruits and veggies will always be more beneficial than buying canned. But both (especially depending on what else is in the can) are more beneficial to the body than the box of cookies that we could buy for the same amount.

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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