Thursday, February 25, 2010

Exercise and Young Children

It is difficult to exercise with a young family. Throw in a job, community service and other hobbies and it gets even more difficult. Here is a tribute to all the young moms out there who find their own way to exercise while their children are still young.

Mommy Jogger
She gets ready for the starting gun, her heart begins to race
She has prepared herself long before so she can keep the pace
Many runners are a head of her at the starting line
She is at the back of the pack, not embarrassed, but plotting her finish time
"Get set" they yell as she firmly grips the stroller and feels fluttering inside
Her kids clap their hands, and yell out with glee ready for the ride
The stroller will be again difficult to push up the hills and through the turns
But she is ready to face the fatigue and even push through the burn
She has already proven herself day after day practicing that she can do it
She made a hard decision long ago that she would pursue it
Unlike other runners who put shoes on and head out the door
She packs like she is traveling for days to keep the kids happy for the daily tour
Her run takes much more effort and planning on her part
Extra attention is always there, right from the start
She watches cautiously for dogs, cars and holes to make sure they all survive
The wind can be her biggest feat and hills seem twice their size
Although the reward is fitness and perhaps some sanity
She doesn’t realize what she is teaching her young about their destiny
She is a mom who teaches her kids that she can do hard things
They will learn from her example and find the joy that “healthy” brings.

Just a side note. The first time my husband read this he insisted on trying to sing it to tune of the song "The Distance" by Cake. Kind of a funny combo if you try it.


Sal-my-gal said...

I love this. Especially the part about teaching your children, although I've not yet learned to enjoy exercise with them. It's my hour to decompress, and they only frustrate me on my runs : )

seesuerun said...

Lol. I hear you! It seems to be the last resort for me but there are so many times when it was the only thing that I could do to get the exercise in with them.

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