Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Calories in Calories out

I am going to repost this so that I can link it more clearly on the page. The following is a chart for a persons current weight, their weight loss goal and the calories that they need to consume to reach that goal. This is not adjusted for exercise.

Weight/week goal/daily caloric needs
120 1.5 pounds 1400 cal
130 1.5 pounds 1500 cal
140 1.5 pounds 1585 cal
150 1.5 pounds 1678 cal
160 1.5 pounds 1771 cal
170 1.5 pounds 1865 cal
180 1.5 pounds 1958 cal
190 1.5 pounds 2050 cal
200 1.5 pounds 2100 cal
210 1.5 pounds 2237 cal
220 1.5 pounds 2331 cal
230 1.5 pounds 2424 cal
240 1.5 pounds 2517 cal

Weight/week goal/daily caloric needs
120 1 pound 1648 cal
130 1 pound 1742 cal
140 1 pound 1835 cal
150 1 pound 1928 cal
160 1 pound 2021 cal
170 1 pound 2115 cal
180 1 pound 2208 cal
190 1 pound 2301 cal
200 1 pound 2394 cal
210 1 pound 2487 cal
220 1 pound 2581 cal
230 1 pound 2674 cal
240 1 pound 2767 cal


Amanda said...

Wow that's great. I'm doing Jillian's making the cut and I only get 1300. Just wondered if you are planning on posting anything about marathons. I'm doing a half this spring and I found a training schedule online but I'm worried about the food intake before, water and any extra vitamins I might need to prevent me from killing over on the side of the trail! Any website's you like?

seesuerun said...

Amanda I can do an entry on that if you are interested. I can tell you what worked for me but there is some conflicting info out there in the research right now.

Do you mean the overall food intake during the training, during the actual training runs or the food intake during the actual marathon? I would start experimenting on your long runs right now with non-caffeinated gus, running beans (jelly beans) or shot blocks (yuck stay away from orange shot blocks they are gross but the strawberry are great) the orange running beans were my favorite. Take them after an hour or after 6 miles into it. At the end I waited until the 10 mile mark to take anything. One thing that I would suggest is to start taking a glut-amine powder or find a post workout drink to replenish electrolytes and protein, that you like for your long runs it helps you to avoid the post workout crash. Also 1300 calories is tough, good job! I wouldn't recommend it for when you start training and upping the miles but I am sure you know that already :)

seesuerun said...

Amanda here are some websites that I really like. (of course) and The fast running blog has a great forum or discussion group. I have received a lot of good information off of it. They even have a tool where you can track your miles, the miles on your shoes (which is important for me after my shin splints) and some other info. Other runners can go in and see your info if you want them to and give you feedback on your training or answer questions.

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