Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Junk Food Junkie Converted to Healthy Foods

If I could retitle this entire blog as a news paper article it would probably be "Junk Food Junkie Converted to Healthy Foods." I am the perfect example of someone who did everything wrong and has slowly had to relearn and try to do everything right.

My most recent eating-right-journey began one terrible night on the floor of a hospital bathroom. I had retreated there out of desperation as my 42 year old brother was fighting for his life a few doors down after a sudden, massive heart attack. I plead with the Lord to spare his life and I would do anything in exchange. I don't think I have prayed for anything with heart and soul the way I did that day. He died soon after leaving a heart broken wife and 6 children. I won't go into much more detail about those events out of respect for his little family but lets just say it was a sad day, one wretched with pain, emotion and morning. A change came over me that was very powerful. Not only did I miss my brother terribly and feel for his family but it was a bleak realization that heart disease is strongly embedded on both sides of my family's genetics. My husband's father died early of heart disease so my children have double the chances.

It was time for the hard changes. The ones that run deep that take sacrifice and that would take me out of my comfort zone. I wanted my husband to live, I wanted him to see his grandchildren and have a long life with me. I wanted my children to live a full life. I wanted them to learn healthy habits at a young age and grow accustomed to foods that weren't packed with fats, sugars and salts. It is a hard thing for me to realize that all of these responsibilities fall on my shoulders and yet try to do it in a way that is not too extreme and that can be maintained for years to come.

We shouldn't wait for the bombshell or for something dramatic to trigger the change. Make the decision to just do it. It is a choice. Unfortunately the bombshell is usually a late notice and sometimes a "too late notice".

The "hard changes" are hard. Planning, grocery shopping, knowing your weakness and preventing hunger, sacrificing some taste (not all!!! but some) exercise time, modifying social interactions are all part of the hard changes.

We often look for the quick fix. The pill, the plan the one thing that will work for us but it just doesn't exist or at least in the long term. We have to change inside and out.

Unfortunately as a junk food person myself I find myself reverting to old habits at times and regressing. Old habits seem to kick in when I am overwhelmed, tired or threatened. Planning and establishing habits of planning seem to thwart these tendencies. Good luck to all of you on your healthy eating journey!

I plan on making meal plan 7 with all of my favorites before I have the baby. Once the baby comes I may be in survival mode for a few weeks so the next meal plan will be slow. Thanks for all the feedback! I love it! Keep it coming in emails or comments.

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