Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meal plan 6

Just some clarifications on week 6.

Don't eat two shakes for meal 5. Those shakes are for rotation. I put it in there differently this time to have room for the recipes so it might get a little confusing. Also The turkey, bacon, avocado lunch is better with Kraft fat free shredded cheese instead of the sliced cheese. I also omit the avocado and add an apple some days. Avocados add an element of moistness so that we can omit the mayo. They also have healthy fat which we need! In most of my meal plans this far we get them in our nuts and our dinners.

Please remember to make these meal plans your own. Do what works. If you can't stand a meal don't force yourself to eat it for a week straight. Just change it up with another meal that has a carb, protein and is under 250 calories. It is more of a pattern than a scientific equation! Good luck!

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