Thursday, March 18, 2010

250 Calorie Speed Snacks

My rules for Speed Snacks
-All Snacks are around 250 calories
-All Snacks contain a healthy carb and protein or healthy fat
-All Snacks can be made in less than 5 minutes
-All ingredients can be bought at local stores such as Walmart
-Majority or snacks should have plenty of raw fruits and veggies

-200 cal meal replacement protein bar and fruit
-Low fat yogurt (100 cal) and low fat granola mixed (150 cal)
-Nuts and fruit
-String cheese, raw veggies and 1/2 fruit
-Reduced fat wheat thins and laughing cow wedge and raw veggies
-Cottage cheese and fruit
-Cottage cheese mixed with dry ranch dressing and raw veggies for dipping
-Bran muffin (make a head) and fruit
-Rice cakes, peanut butter and 1/2 fruit
-Fruit leather and jerky
-bar, veggies, sour cream mixed with dry ranch dressing
-Hummus and crackers (hummus made ahead)
-45 calorie bread with peanut butter and sugar free jelly
-Peanut butter spread on sliced apples

Protein Shakes:
-Banana Protein
-Peanut Butter
-Frosted key lime pie
-Blackberry smoothy
-Pina colada

Here is a website with more 250 calories snacks

An additional site with 250 snacks and meals

Why the speed?
I personally don't like to spend all day in the kitchen so the only way that I can eat 5-6 small meals a day is to have speed meals that can easily be prepared the night before or grabbed when the moment is right. All of these meals require little effort and preparation. There are a couple that need to be made before hand but a lot can be made at once getting you ready for the week.

Why have snacks that are 250 calories?
Snacks don't have to be 250 calories. I have found, however, that using 250 calorie snacks is easier for meal planning. Four to Five 250 calorie meals with a Dinner that is 300-350 calories keeps me within a 1500 calorie-1800 calorie diet. You will have to meal plan according to your goals see prior post for caloric needs. 5 meals at 250 calories = 1250 leaving 250-550 calories for dinner depending on goals. If you have 5 meals at 250 calories each and a dinner meal that is 550 calories that will put you at an 1800 calorie diet, which is the most that I like to allow on this site. Men and women however who are not trying to loose weight may need to go even higher to 2200 calories or more.

The amount of 250 calories also seems to hold my blood sugar through to the next snack or meal. Personally, when I go below that amount of calories or when I omit the protein in the snack I am famished and I revert to eating junk. Even if I don't have the junk in the house I crave it to the point that sometimes I will drive to the store and buy it. Yes I am pathetic. I will admit this junkfood-a-holic tendency. The best thing for me is to avoid the craving all together.

***Please note that the above snacks still need to be measured. I am in the process of getting the exact amounts and brands on each of these. If you plan on using these snacks in your meal plans you will have to measure each of them out to make sure that the amounts chosen add up to 250 calories. I will post exact amounts and recipes later.

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