Monday, March 22, 2010

Definition of Healthy

Having a Masters Degree in Health and teaching courses on the subject it is interesting to see the different definitions that people use for the word "healthy".

To some it is not using antibiotics, to others it is eating food that only comes from a health food store, to others it may mean completely "natural" or even "holistic", to others it isn't stopping at McDonalds for every meal.

I have tried it all. I have eaten really badly and I have eaten healthy to the extreme. These meal plans are on the healthy side but not extreme. Like explained in earlier posts, they are, for me, maintainable, which is key.

There was a time where we ate barley, black beans, and egg whites daily but I found that I stopped eating and so did my kids. I would gag when I thought about the meals and when I fell off the wagon, I fell hard! I encourage everyone to do what works best for you.

Use the system to make the meal plans your own and modify it as needed so that it can work for you. I won't feel bad if they don't work for your family but I hope you will try to find what works. If you are one of those that can eat completely clean, (no sugars, no processed foods "complete out of the garden" so to speak) then more power to you (literally).

But if you are like me who needs to buy for a family and find something for the long run which isn't too extreme than good luck to all of us! The quest continues!


Jules said...

Great post. Lately I've been making green smoothies and my kids will drink them with the promise that they can have a regular snack after it's gone. This is working well because atleast I know they are getting all the fruits and veggies they are supposed to in a day. The rest will need to be eased into. I also have been known to sneak veggies in my meals and they never suspect. I guess my definition is making sure they atleast get what they need, I still need work on cutting out certain things.

seesuerun said...

Hey Julie I would love your green smoothie recipe.

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