Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chocolate Spinach Strawberry Protein shake (Green Smoothie)

Yep sounds kind of nasty but this is my green smoothie of choice. One reason I like it, besides the yummy taste, is that it isn't green in appearance making my kids more likely to eat it.

Chocolate Spinach Strawberry Protein Shake
1 hand full of loose spinach leaves and stems (about 1 cup)
4 large strawberries
1/2 scoop chocolate protein whey (make sure if you do give it to kids there are no supplements or additives just 100% whey. I try to find one without aspartame but I am still unsure about that whole debate anyway)
1/4 cup oats
6 ice cubes
1/2 cup water
blend well for 3-5 minutes
175 calories

Another reader told me last night that they have lost 12 pounds since following the meal ideas! If I was smart I would have people log on their total pounds lost. I think we are at a total of around 70 pounds for those who have let me know.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Calorie Burn Calculator

Here is a calorie burn calculator that I found online. You put in your weight and the amount of time that you are doing a certain activity and it tells you different activities and the amount of calories that you burn during your activities. They have a similar tool on

When I run on the treadmill it shows calories burned, but those calories are no where near what I really burn. According to my weight on a flat terrain I usually burn about 100 calories per mile. The treadmill usually says double that.

Alright so the last post about my plan for weight loss was published on April 7th but the original draft started on April 1st. I have lost 8 pounds since then. 2 pounds a week, that is max for a healthy weight loss for me. Total weight loss since the baby is 23. I still have 10 to go to get to pre-pregnancy weight but I will settle with 5 and see what happens.

I have blown it the past few days. I have been really good until now, treating Sundays mostly as a free day while watching calories closely the rest of the week. But all within one week I had a chocolate fountain, fudge and chocolate cake . (Any guesses as to what my weakness is?) Oh well moving forward. I have to allow a little error in this process to succeed :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cauliflower Eggs

Yes it might sound like the grossest dish on the planet but I have discovered something new and delightful. A girl in my neighborhood told me about this one, "cauliflower eggs". I smiled politely and said "oh, that sounds nice" and then inconspicuously swallowed a gag.

She told me that it made the eggs fluffier and that her family, even the little kids, liked it better then plain eggs. She mentioned it a while ago and I tried it for the first time this week and... *drum roll*.... They were surprising Delicious! My husband has now declared cauliflower the ultimate filler.

First you cook the 1/2 cup cauliflower for 5 min covered in the microwave in a ceramic dish with a tiny bit of water. Then put it in the blender and puree it. After it is pureed, mix it with the whipped eggs and cook. The eggs are fluffier and the taste is fabulous. 

I am not sure where the magic comes make two things that are tasteless taste good together but I was impressed. It is somewhat difficult to get veggies in the morning, especially if you don't do green smoothies, but this is a good way to do it. Even if you are not thinking about veggies and nutrients at all this is a good way to make an ordinary dish more impressive and taste better.

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

For my FREE clean eating meal plans please go here and enter your name and email.  You will be sent my printable pdf files with the shopping lists, bulk prep, meal plan and the recipes! 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week 8 Update

I updated week 8 and swapped out a couple of meals. Its a busy week so I made meals 1-5 all speed meals (The pancakes are counted as a speed meal because I can make them ahead of time). Also I have been wanting a stir-fry so I added one of those in. There are lean cuisines and progresso soups for lunch which honestly are not optimal but are fast. Both are high in sodium so if you can replace them with homemade items then great!

Here is a list of the dinner meals:

Kabobs and sweet potatoes fries - under 330 calories
Savory Cilantro and Lime Chicken Tacos- 170 calories each, so 2 for 340 calories
Philly Steak Sandwiches- 350 calories
Taco Salad- 300 calories
Grilled Chicken- 335 calories
Lemon Chicken stir fry- 225 calories

Week 8

Here is Week 8. This week I have introduced spinach protein shakes. Wait! Before you click off and start another Google search, read on. I know they sound really gross and sound like something that you would never try but trust me they are yummy and even passed the kid taste test at my home. They are a great way to start out the day with a healthy serving of fruits and veggies. These shakes are a gold mine of nutrients and fiber. You don't taste the spinach at all and they don't always have to turn out green as long as you have a yummy fruit in there too! My husband made me a sprout shake once and YES THAT WAS GROSS and don't ever try that but these are yummy give them a try.

I also wanted to say that this is my personal food blog. I am not pushing anyone to try these meals or meal plans. I am not promoting or selling anything. I have benefited and continue to benefit from other people's plans and ideas. I often get lazy while writing so my grammar may be poor and it may take some rereading to figure out what I am trying to stay but stick with me. I am passionate about health and fitness but I dislike writing as you can tell and I usually have kids buzzing around me or one in my arms as I am trying to type.

With that said I am receiving feedback daily about people who are having success with versions of the plans. Lots of weight lost but more important, maintainable habits are being formed. Good luck all!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Plan to Lose Weight

This will be the fourth time in my life where I have lost more than 30 pounds. Three pregnancies and post mission. Two of the pregnancies I actually gained 50 pounds. I recently had my forth baby where I gained 33 pounds. I lost the first 10 right away which is normal post-pregnancy. I have lost another 5 but now I have the last 18 to go. This last bit takes some diligence.
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