Saturday, April 24, 2010

Calorie Burn Calculator

Here is a calorie burn calculator that I found online. You put in your weight and the amount of time that you are doing a certain activity and it tells you different activities and the amount of calories that you burn during your activities. They have a similar tool on

When I run on the treadmill it shows calories burned, but those calories are no where near what I really burn. According to my weight on a flat terrain I usually burn about 100 calories per mile. The treadmill usually says double that.

Alright so the last post about my plan for weight loss was published on April 7th but the original draft started on April 1st. I have lost 8 pounds since then. 2 pounds a week, that is max for a healthy weight loss for me. Total weight loss since the baby is 23. I still have 10 to go to get to pre-pregnancy weight but I will settle with 5 and see what happens.

I have blown it the past few days. I have been really good until now, treating Sundays mostly as a free day while watching calories closely the rest of the week. But all within one week I had a chocolate fountain, fudge and chocolate cake . (Any guesses as to what my weakness is?) Oh well moving forward. I have to allow a little error in this process to succeed :)

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