Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week 8

Here is Week 8. This week I have introduced spinach protein shakes. Wait! Before you click off and start another Google search, read on. I know they sound really gross and sound like something that you would never try but trust me they are yummy and even passed the kid taste test at my home. They are a great way to start out the day with a healthy serving of fruits and veggies. These shakes are a gold mine of nutrients and fiber. You don't taste the spinach at all and they don't always have to turn out green as long as you have a yummy fruit in there too! My husband made me a sprout shake once and YES THAT WAS GROSS and don't ever try that but these are yummy give them a try.

I also wanted to say that this is my personal food blog. I am not pushing anyone to try these meals or meal plans. I am not promoting or selling anything. I have benefited and continue to benefit from other people's plans and ideas. I often get lazy while writing so my grammar may be poor and it may take some rereading to figure out what I am trying to stay but stick with me. I am passionate about health and fitness but I dislike writing as you can tell and I usually have kids buzzing around me or one in my arms as I am trying to type.

With that said I am receiving feedback daily about people who are having success with versions of the plans. Lots of weight lost but more important, maintainable habits are being formed. Good luck all!

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