Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meal Planning a Secret Weapon

The woman across the table from me looks up with tears in her eyes. "I have tried everything" she says "Everything!" Immediately my heart sinks and I feel completely bad for her. I can't imagine the years of frustration that she has been through. She proceeds to tell me her story. Pills, patches, liquid diets, shots, personal training plans, even gastric bypass.

We continue in our conversation. "What about meal planning?" I ask. Immediately the light goes out in those once tearful eyes. She has left me. She has gone somewhere in her memory where she tried meal planning in the past. "That is too hard" she will say with surety that it is so.

"Too hard?" I'm puzzled.

"Yes too hard."

This is a scenario that has played out several times with dozens of different women but with similar feelings and obstacles.

"But wait what about the pills, the patches, the shots, the gastric bypass? Wasn't that hard too?"

In my opinion, meal planning is much easier than any of those things but it yields much far reaching results. It is however a process, it is a habit. Habits take time and patience. Some of us will give anything a real try but the right thing.

Healthy meal planning is a secret weapon. I will be honest though. It is a long road, full of trial and error, but also a road of wonderful flavors and tastes. A road to a final maintainable weight loss with little or not self deprivation. Chances are if you don't currently meal plan it will save you a ton of money. If you already do you may have to go through a period of experimentation to make those meals more healthy. Either way we are all still on a journey one where we can always improve. It took a while for most of us to arrive at our current physical state, it will take us a while to arrive at our desired state if we do it right.

Notice I said that meal planning is "a" secret weapon and not "the" secret weapon. In the fight for maintainable weight loss there isn't just one weapon that will win the war. There are many that need to be utilized, but when used together strategically success can be obtained. Good luck!

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