Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Lunch

This was a fun meal. Honestly it took a little longer to make than usual but for Halloween it was worth it. The little boys loved it. The sandwiches started out as witches fingers and then they turned into attacking"slug thingies".

Instead of focusing on carbs, proteins, fats with my kids I use a different rule. At every meal except breakfast I do "the five" protein, fruit, veggie, grain and water. It may not be completely scientific or perfectly formulated but it works for me and helps me to achieve the long term goal of introducing them to lots of fruits and veggies without the feeling of deprivation.

There was a time where I served just mac and cheese and called it a meal. There was also a time when I considered mac and cheese a poison and banned it from the pantry. Now I will give them mac and cheese every once in a while but with lots of other good stuff and smaller serving sizes of it. The same with pizza. It is funny how cut apples and green beans can turn an unhealthy meal into a not so unhealthy meal :)

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Clean Eating

What do you think of when you hear the term "Clean eating"? When I first heard the term it made me think of someone who was pale and sickly looking. I thought it meant cutting out...well everything. I also thought it meant being extreme in your choices of produce and meats. While that is great (and one day soon I hope to be more specific myself) I personally couldn't start with that.

Clean eating refers to not just what you eat but how you eat. LOTS of food, but healthy food. The right combination of protein, fats and complex carbohydrates. Lots and lots of water. It is a glorious state of being. All the numbness of taste buds that salt, fat and sugar cause begins to disappear. Fruit and vegetables actually taste good again. Lime juice is a delicious flavoring, ginger, garlic and herbs taste fantastic. You feel good and if you are like me your headaches go away and you have energy to take care of everyone around you including yourself. You don't have to think about what you will eat or when because it is already planned out. You can focus on other things in life than your food and you feel invigorated. You don't overeat, you don't beat yourself up any more. You just feel ...GOOD. While I personally still have A LONG way to go (remember junk food junkie here) the days I do focus on this I feel grand.

Who eats clean? It isn't the extremist health food community (although many have adopted the term) it is the body building community. Those who know the art of building a beautiful body. When I say body building, I don't mean just weight lifting competitors but men and women who compete by sculpting and shaping muscles and standing on a stage to show it. While this is too much for most of us who would never attempt a stage presence in a swim suit the principles have been mastered by the body building community and there have been recent efforts to try to bring these eating tactics mainstream.

If you do see one of these competitors on the street we tend to think "wow, they must work out a lot" but all of them will tell you that 80-90 percent of their hard work comes from what they eat. It is almost all about the eating. Over a year ago I would have never thought that body sculpting is mostly done through eating but it is. These people still spend ample time in the gym, that is without being said, but I don't think the common folk like us realize that their true battle isn't on the gym floor but in the kitchen. These people are artists and their canvas is their physic. Their materials are clean foods. Although, again, most of us would not go that extreme the principles are the same. I would highly recommend the book "The Clean Eating Diet." It is an easy read with recipes and some great advice. Also the biggest looser really pushes for clean eating. Most of their meals are clean. The most recent book 6 Weeks to a Healthier You has some wonderful recipes and great basic advice.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Protein Pairing

Have you ever woke up determined that your weight loss or healthy eating has begun? You start with a healthy cereal, oatmeal or pancakes. Later you get the shakes and get irritable so you snack on an apple or a veggie but feel famished within the hour. All of your determination begins to dissolve and you decide that you will start again tomorrow or that it isn't worth it to be hungry all of the time to eat healthy.

"Protein Pairing" is a principle of clean eating that is essential. You eat a small amount of protein with each snack and meal. Notice I didn't say "meat"...just a lean protein. It is pretty easy to add a protein to almost any snack. String cheese to an apple will keep blood sugars level and keep you fuller longer. Protein whey is a very nice protein to use as are egg whites. In fact, protein whey is used by the body much more efficiently then eggs are. Nuts as glorious and pure as they are, are also a nice addition but they count as a healthy fat as well and you really need to watch the numbers on those. A bowl full of almonds can be deadly on a calorie count.

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Lean Habits Meal Plans week 7-8

I feel a little sheepish when I look at the numbers on this blog and realize that there are a lot of visitors but I have neglected posting anything for some time. I will admit it has been a little challenging to pack up and move my little family out of state while my husband was already away working. I am settling in however and feel a little less guilty about writing a post here and there.

A while ago I took off the downloads to the meal plans because of some issues with a third party site that I was using, I didn't have any control over their advertising but now I have found a way to put the meal plans back on using another site that I built for my Brothers 5k. I have complete control and there are no more pop ups!

Here is a link to the page that contains a down load of a clean eating meal plan. Lean Habits Meal Plan Weeks 7-8 It is complete with a shopping list, calorie calculations, recipes, 6 rotate able meals a day and some delicious new dinners. It follows clean eating guidelines (mostly) but I must admit the calorie count on this one is a little rougher than the others. Let me know if you have any problems opening it or finding it on the 5k page. If you do share with others please direct them to my humble eating blog.

Here is a brief overview of the meal plan

Week Meal Plan
Meal 1- Sunrise Shake (Delicious Post or Pre workout)
Meal 2- Rotate - Eggs - Kashi cereal - black bean breakfast
Meal 3- Rotate - Yummy Sorbet and agave popcorn - peanut butter fudge shake
Meal 4- Rotate - pita pocket - chicken quesadillas - chicken avocado rice bowl
Meal 5- Rotate - cottage cheese and fruit - homemade soft cream cheese protein bars
Meal 6- Dinner meals different each night: Chicken peanut stir fry, turkey burgers, Mexican chicken wraps, tortilla free burritos, chicken enchiladas, avocado and apple chicken salad

Most meals are around 250 calories making the day around 1800 calories. Read the rules at the end of the download.

Happy clean or attempted clean eating!

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