Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Lunch

This was a fun meal. Honestly it took a little longer to make than usual but for Halloween it was worth it. The little boys loved it. The sandwiches started out as witches fingers and then they turned into attacking"slug thingies".

Instead of focusing on carbs, proteins, fats with my kids I use a different rule. At every meal except breakfast I do "the five" protein, fruit, veggie, grain and water. It may not be completely scientific or perfectly formulated but it works for me and helps me to achieve the long term goal of introducing them to lots of fruits and veggies without the feeling of deprivation.

There was a time where I served just mac and cheese and called it a meal. There was also a time when I considered mac and cheese a poison and banned it from the pantry. Now I will give them mac and cheese every once in a while but with lots of other good stuff and smaller serving sizes of it. The same with pizza. It is funny how cut apples and green beans can turn an unhealthy meal into a not so unhealthy meal :)

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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