Friday, October 22, 2010

Lean Habits Meal Plans week 7-8

I feel a little sheepish when I look at the numbers on this blog and realize that there are a lot of visitors but I have neglected posting anything for some time. I will admit it has been a little challenging to pack up and move my little family out of state while my husband was already away working. I am settling in however and feel a little less guilty about writing a post here and there.

A while ago I took off the downloads to the meal plans because of some issues with a third party site that I was using, I didn't have any control over their advertising but now I have found a way to put the meal plans back on using another site that I built for my Brothers 5k. I have complete control and there are no more pop ups!

Here is a link to the page that contains a down load of a clean eating meal plan. Lean Habits Meal Plan Weeks 7-8 It is complete with a shopping list, calorie calculations, recipes, 6 rotate able meals a day and some delicious new dinners. It follows clean eating guidelines (mostly) but I must admit the calorie count on this one is a little rougher than the others. Let me know if you have any problems opening it or finding it on the 5k page. If you do share with others please direct them to my humble eating blog.

Here is a brief overview of the meal plan

Week Meal Plan
Meal 1- Sunrise Shake (Delicious Post or Pre workout)
Meal 2- Rotate - Eggs - Kashi cereal - black bean breakfast
Meal 3- Rotate - Yummy Sorbet and agave popcorn - peanut butter fudge shake
Meal 4- Rotate - pita pocket - chicken quesadillas - chicken avocado rice bowl
Meal 5- Rotate - cottage cheese and fruit - homemade soft cream cheese protein bars
Meal 6- Dinner meals different each night: Chicken peanut stir fry, turkey burgers, Mexican chicken wraps, tortilla free burritos, chicken enchiladas, avocado and apple chicken salad

Most meals are around 250 calories making the day around 1800 calories. Read the rules at the end of the download.

Happy clean or attempted clean eating!

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Sal-my-gal said...

You're back! Yea! I hope you're settling well in the Lone Star State. I think I'm ready to start the meal plans. Can't wait!

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