Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can you spot the ninja? One more secret to getting kids to eat more veggies

Several posts ago I published an article about 12 secrets to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. I realized today that I left a crucial tactic out that I use almost daily. The tactic is "Rename them"

I used this while trying to introduce my kids to new veggies. For example, I knew my kids would like edamame beans once they tasted them. They are very yummy but these beans smell kind of funny while cooking and look unflavorful. I knew that once my kids got them in their mouth, however, they would like them but how to do that...?

I decided that if I renamed them "ninja beans" they might just try them because what little boy isn't intrigued by the idea of a ninja? It worked like a charm. In fact, now I just have to make sure they don't eat too many.

We have also renamed different items dinosaur eggs, bat eyes and giants delight. I will let you guess the items on your own. I am sure the tactic will work for little princesses as well..."fairy" is a good buzz word for little girls...I am sure others could get even more creative than I can be...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lean Habits 101

Don't know where to start? Here ya go!

Lean Habits Guidelines
Daily Habits
Habit 1- Drink water 1-2 Liters
Habit 2 - Get sleep In bed by 10, 7-9 hours of rest
Habit 3 - Eat often Eat every 2-3 hours, but eat light
Habit 4 - Pack a cooler each day 10 min the night before or morning of
Habit 5 - Activities 20 min Strength training/20 min cardio/20 min meditation*
Weekly Habits
Habit 6 - Meal Plan/Grocery shop 1 hour a week planning, 1 hour shopping
Habit 7 - Prepare meals in advance Meal prep every 5-6 days
*exceed recommended amount if you are already doing the minimum level. Meditation can include: reading, prayer, yoga, or other relaxation techniques which lower the heart rate.
I know what you are thinking..."I can't spend just an hour in the store. 7-9 hours of sleep impossible!! In bed by 10?!!! Yeah Right!" and so forth. I know me too! But this is a place to start. Shape your environment to shape you. For example, Sleep the night before effects my eating habits for several days after. I tend to eat junk and I tend to not care when I am fatigued.
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