Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mommy McDonalds and HEALTHY FRY SAUCE!

Last night we had a Mommy McDonalds and by the words of one of my boys it was "Awesome!!!" One casualty of healthy eating is McDonalds but our Mommy McDonalds was a complete success.

  We had:
  • healthy and tastier chicken nuggets
  • baked fries
  • less sugar chocolate milk
  • grapes
  • apples
  • endamame beans
  • healthy fry sauce (Fry sauce is a Utah specialty, I don't think a healthy version existed any where in the world until last night)
  • a prize at the end
McDonald's in our family has had two benefits. First I don't have to cook and second the kids love the playground. Well first of all I still have to cook with this Mommy Mcdonalds, it took me about an hour from start to finish. That benefit cannot be changed but the time and effort that I spent on the meal is over come by another feeling and that is peace. When we go to McDonalds and my kids eat the chicken nuggets and fries I feel terribly guilty. I think of the chicken nugget demonstrations that I have seen in the past where they show you all the disasters that go into a chicken nugget. Pure chemicals and yuckiness. So to say the least although I have to sweat it out a little I feel good inside.

Second of all the indoor play ground it is difficult for me to find outside of McDonalds but I did find one! Lifetime Fitness has an indoor play ground in their kids center. At McDonalds for our family of 6 we usually spend around $24 a time. That is the exact amount it costs for me to put my 4 kids in the kids center monthly. That makes sense to me.

I did not do the calorie counts on all of this or even measure ingredients but I will do my best to tell you what we did because it was a COMPLETE success! I am sure that everyone has their own recipes and to be honest this is not a completely clean meal but I didn't feel terrible about eating it and my kids didn't feel deprived because of Mommy and Daddys diet.

Fries- I peeled and cut the potatoes into small thin strips after lightly misting the pan. I stuck them in the oven at 400 degrees watching them carefully. As they get soft salt them (like I said not completely clean) when they are soft through turn the broiler on for two minutes to give them a slight crunch. But watch them they can burn quickly. You can also mist the top of them with an canola oil spray (out of the oven before broil) I didn't do this.

Chicken nuggets- I cut the fat off of a raw chicken breast and cut it into small cubes. I then dipped it in egg whites and redipped it in a mixture of whole wheat smashed crackers, malt to meal, low fat parmasean cheese and dry chicken broth. Like I said I really don't know measurements. I then baked the chicken nuggets with the fries on separate pans. These were very tasty and my kids said they liked them "better than McDonalds".

Chocolate Milk- Omit this if you want. We us a less sugar version of it.

Grapes, Endamame Beans, Apples- Whatever meal we have at home I want it to be 70%-50% Veggie and Fruit so I load up the kids plates with the veggies and fruits that they like and put a bite full of the ones they don't like. But I must say "Ninja Beans" (endamame) are one of my kids favorite.

Healthy Fry Sauce- If you have never had this then don't start. The normal version is a mix of mayo and ketchup and if fries didn't already clog your arteries then the normal version of this stuff is the death sealer. But I was raised on it, and have always loved it. The other night I thought there is sure to be a way to make this semi healthy! I found it. Now these measurements aren't exact, I really don't know what I did but 1/2 cup of low fat or fat free cottage cheese blended in the blender with 1/8 cup or more of water. Add water until it became a mayo consistency. Then add a few tablespoons of your favorite bbq sauce and ketchup until it is a deep pink. Blend again. My husband who hates mayo and has to sit on the other side of the table when the fry sauce is brought out ATE this! I was shocked! I was even surprised at how much I liked it. It was perfect.

I then gave my kids a little prize at the end to make it even more special. Enjoy and have fun with your family! You can still do it in a healthy way!
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