Sunday, January 2, 2011

Basic Grilled Chicken With Sweet Potato Meal (335 calories)


3 oz grilled chicken cooked (120 calories)

Serve medium sweet potato (boiled until done) 100 cal,

steamed green veggies (around 50 calories)

sliced apples or other fruit (65 calories)


Remove all visible fat off of chicken. Grill chicken on George Forman grill with seasoning salt sprinkled on top or cook on grill or in oven. Sweet potato is boiled can add fat free sour cream if needed.

Total calories: 335 calories

This is basic but I swear I found this exact meal on almost every personal training/weightloss blog out there. We repeat it often because it is so simple, lean but nutritious and filling. Omit the seasoning salt for an even cleaner meal.


Sal-my-gal said...

I fell off the bandwagon several months ago, but I'm slowly getting back on. It's been great to visit your site again. Thanks for all your work. You're and inspiration. Hope all is well in the Lone Star state!

Eric and Shelene said...

I made this one last was a hit!!!! I lined my 9x13 pyrex with apple slices on the bottom, then chicken breasts, then more apples and some cinnamon. Then after the sweet potatoes were done, I put them in for a while with the was DELICIOUS!!! Thank you!!

seesuerun said...

You're my inspiration Sallie! All that you have done and over come, falling off the wagon is just part of the journey. I will vouch for that.

seesuerun said...

Shelene that sounds absolutely DELICIOUS! I will have to try it like that what a great idea, mine were all separate thanks for sharing!

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