Monday, March 21, 2011

Blood Glucose Levels Effect Decision Making

There are times where my resolve is firm. I am going to eat healthy no matter what. No obstacle can stand in my way. The decision is set. Then within the next few days there comes a time when I start to go hungry. I skip a meal on accident or my intake is delayed. My blood sugar is low and my mind begins to play tricks on me. I start to think of all the reasons that I need something unhealthy and quick. I go into rationalization mode. Once with such a firm resolve and now with a weak will.

The difference for me is blood sugar. It plays with my mind, and actually affects my thoughts and my decisions. I am sure of this.

There was a recent study that took two groups of people and offered them either a small sum of money immediately or a larger sum of money at a later date. The study found that those who chose the immediate, less reward had lower blood sugar levels. The scientists theorized that it may be because people who experience lower blood sugar levels are in a state of need and chose immediately available choices. Although the study focused on money rewards there was much cross over in the information and how it related to poor immediate food choices.

"Intended Eating" is the act of eating in such a way that we stay in control.

We plan, we prepare and we continue on a path that we have set. I am a believer in 5-6 small meals a day. It is funny that I will read about certain diets that frown on the idea of the six meals. They advocate three meals...but with two snacks...well whether you call it a meal or a snack it is the same. Although I use both terms I like the term "meal" better because in my mind it means there has to be certain components (protein pairing) this will control blood sugar levels longer and help us to make better decisions to stay on the plan.

How do we prevent this?
Regular frequent meals, eating every 2-3 hours, plan and prepare ahead, keep bad foods out of reach and have some healthy quick grab goodies on hand that we can eat instead.

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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Sal-my-gal said...

Good info. Thanks!

Marcy said...

I've been thinking it would be really helpful (for me) to have a poster (or just a word doc made up) that has appetizing pictures of good choice snacks on it, so when I'm feeling the low blood sugar I can glance at it and get a quick idea of what is better than what I immediately have on my mind (junk food). Not only would it be a good chart for the kids to make good choices, but I'm sure it would help me too.

I just looked up your protein pairing link and a picture of the string cheese and apple together (like cottage cheese and fruit, also--what other easy protein pairings do you suggest?) would be a great teaching tool, I think, for my family.

I'm so glad for the info I get on your blog!

seesuerun said...

string cheese fruit
protein ranch and veggies
hummus veggies
slivered almonds on dry salads or in yogurts
greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin or fruits
I would highly recommend becoming a fan of "recipes for gals into figure competition" on face book. She has a recipe section that is fantastic all the recipes are paired with a protein and all are around 250 calories.

Also just a heads up protein paring can refer to paring partial protein food to each other to make a complete proteins. I use the term in reference to putting a complex carb with a protein in a meal.

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