Saturday, April 2, 2011

Greek Yogurt Lean Treats, Great for Post Workout

I am trying to like Greek Yogurt I really am.

I must admit it isn't my thing. It has double the protein than regular yogurt so that is good especially for a girl that can't seem to get all the needed protein in for one day but I don't like it. It is thick, sticks in my mouth and is a bit more tart than I can handle. I have came across several recipes, however, that call for it so I have learned to try, try again.

Well I REALLY like this treat!

I experimented until I came up with something that I am sure someone else has already invented! Oh and it is great for pre and post workout!!! Little fat, simple carbs, fast absorbing protein! The perfect mix of macro nutrients (that is just a buzz word for protein, carbs and fat)

Greek Yogurt Lean Treat
1/4 cup plain Greek Yogurt (I used athenos nonfat plain)
1/2 scoop chocolate protein whey (gnc 100 percent whey)
1 strawberry sliced
1/4 banana sliced
Quaker Carmel Rice Cake (50 calories)

Mix yogurt and whey powder till it has a nice chocolate pudding appearance. Spread on rice cake add fruit topping.

Calories: 182
Fat: 1
Chol: 22
Sodium: 82
Carbs: 25
Fiber: 2
Protein: 18
Sugar: 10

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