Sunday, May 1, 2011


I wish I could say I was an expert at clean eating, but I am not. I wish that I could say that I am past temptation and mistakes but I am definitely not.

I hit my goal weight after the baby several months ago. I should have done a post on it. It was a very proud day and honestly it is very nice to achieve hard earned goals. I then switched my focus to trading out fat for muscle with a greater focus on protein intake and proper strength training. I felt awesome and started once again to have people approach me and ask what I was doing.

But then Easter came, along with the daunting task of moving out of state once again. I had to pack up our house and four small children and move across the state. That is why it has been so long since my last post. Consequently it seems like whenever I let my guard down old habits slip back.

After eating terribly for several weeks I feel awful and the health of my husband and children goes critical. Every body suffers for my bad eating.

I have two choices right now:

Choice One- I can succumb to my demons and survive on my old habits and watch my free-will continue to disintegrate. In this state I am driven by my craving for sugar or chocolate, always thinking about my next fix and not really free to choose what is best to eat. My mind is also consumed in contempating about how I am going to change but without the real change. It is funny how thinking about changing relieves the guilt a little but does little for the results.

Choice Two- I can stop making excuses and once again plan my meals and create an environment of success around me. By planning, getting the junk out of the house and not getting too hungry before meals I am more likely to stick to my guns. I will expect the initial resistance of my body as I take away its calorically dense, high glucose foods and let all my systems return to normal. As I eat healthy my energy begins to be restored, my sleep returns to normal and my headaches subside significantly. My mind is freed to think about I become a much happier person and a better mother and wife. Fruits and vegetables once again begin to have flavor. When I am eating high sodium, high sugar foods they rob me of the flavors of other foods. It seems to take two weeks of clean eating for my body to catch up, for me to feel and see the results.

Well anyway, wish me luck. The time is past. I must do something now. This isn't always easy but with two recent deaths in my immediate family (cancer and heart attack) and the future of my own husband and children looming in the mix I feel completely confident that change is imminent. I need to do this again, no matter what obstacles I face. Also I want to give myself a Happy 35th Birthday present this year by eating clean for 3 months in a row. That would make my world rock!

On that note, don't give up on me. More posts are coming things are still a little crazy we only got in last night from our move. I also still need to update my clean eating plans. I have been making them cleaner and less expensive.

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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