Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fresh cilantro cucumber and lime chicken wrap-225 calories

I got half way through this wrap before I decided that I should take a picture it was sooooo good! But please remember I am one of the worst photographers you will find on any blog so just cross your eyes a little bit and imagine how delicious it actually looks.

And 225 calories!!!

Fresh Cilantro Cucumber and Lime Chicken Wrap
1 whole La Tortilla Factory Low Carb tortilla (Found at Sam's club 80 calories)
3 oz cooked chicken breast cut into cubes or sliced (97 calories)
1 wedge light Swiss laughing cow cheese (35 calories)
1/4 cucumber skinned and sliced
1/4 lime (To squeeze for juice, use more if needed)
5-9 springs of cilantro stems removed
sprinkle of salt (optional but better)
1 washed fresh mushroom chopped

Serve with a nice large glass of water!!

I have posted something similar to this before but this one tasted marvelous!

Warm tortilla and spread laughing cow cheese wedge on top. Add chicken and all veggies. Squeeze lime on top to flavor then LIGHTLY salt. Wrap and enjoy!!!

Total Calories: 225.5
Fat 5.95
Chol 61
Sodium 262 (this is without salt)
Carbs 21.63
Fiber 12.9
Protein 31.52
Sugar 3.15

Note: I usually cook a big pot of chicken breast and eat it through the week in delicious meals like this. It really cuts down on time and makes meals such as this easy.

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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Karen said...

I started my diet/exercise regime today so keep these fabulous recipes coming!!!! I need an excuse to stay away from the snickers bars on the fridge. :)

seesuerun said...

Good work Karen! Keep me updated on how it is going!

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