Thursday, June 30, 2011

"I only eat one to two meals a day why am I not losing weight?"

So often I hear the same complaint:

"I only eat one to two meals a day why am I not losing weight?" Upon more inquiry I find that their one or two meals are usually eaten out of the home.

Although you should talk with a doctor first for long term weight loss most women will do well on 1600 calorie a day eating plan. Many are the exception to this of course but I would say that is a pretty good number. A person needs to factor in exercise, current weight and health issues.

I do 6 meals a day each around 250 calories for a number that reaches around 1600 calories. These are big meals. In fact those who eat like this will tell you it is A LOT of food. But you feel good, energized!

Lets see how many calories are in common meals while eating out. These don't even include the sides like soda and fries just tack on another 600-1000 calories if you enjoy those as well.

Next time when you eat out look around and start counting. You will see exactly why a person can eat one or two meals a day and not lose!

Cafe Rio Pork Salad with everything and creamy tomatillo dressing
Calories: 1210

Burger King TRIPLE WHOPPER Sandwich
Calories: 1130

Dairy Queen Large Chocolate Shake
Calories: 1130

Carl's Jr. Double Six Dollar Burger
Calories: 1520

Dairy Queen Large Chocolate Malt
Calories: 1300

Dairy Queen Chicken Strip Basket (6 piece)
Calories: 1270

Del Taco Macho Beef Burrito
Calories: 1170

Burger King TRIPLE WHOPPER Sandwich
Calories: 1130

Sonic FRITOS Chili Pie
Calories: 940

Del Taco Macho Chicken Burrito
Calories: 930

Subway 12 inch chicken bacon and ranch
Calories: 1000

For a free 2 week meal plan just enter your name and email here and a printable pdf will be emailed to you.

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