Friday, September 30, 2011

Clean Eating Meal Plan

Some of you have emailed me for PDFs for my clean eating meal plan and I haven't sent the email out yet but you should get it by the end of this week. I can tell that this site is spreading by word of mouth. Thanks for all of your kind comments and stories. There are wonderful people all around that share common goals, concerns and desires to eat better as a family.

As far as the pregnancy goes this has been much different than my other pregnancies. I should be out of my first trimester now but I am still extremely sick (which isn't like me). I was sick at times with my other pregnancies but nothing like this. I find that if I exercise in the morning I do much better throughout the day.

It is a little bit difficult because as many of you know I am a former junk food junkie. When I am sick it is easy to slip back into bad habits in order to get some sort of sustanance like pop and chocolate.

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