Saturday, October 1, 2011

Frozen Grapes Snacks- simple and sweet!

Well hello all of my blog followers have you wondered where I have been.? Just living life. My little kiddos keep me so busy and the time passes by too quickly.

As I have searched through blogs and recipes for healthy snacks for the family I keep running upon frozen grapes as a healthy snack. To be honest the idea sounded not so chomping down on frozen ice cubes but I decided to try it. I found a great sale on grapes and the grapes were sweet so I got a lot of them for this purpose.

To make them so that you can freeze them without having them clump together you first wash the grapes, as we all do with fruit right? (Cantalope for example, blak that is a horrible out break!) Then you spread them out on one layer on a cookie sheet and let them freeze. Once they are frozen you can place the grapes in a plastic bag together.

I cautiously tried it and really like the extra sweetness of the sugars the the freezing seems to cause. Also I like that it took me a little bit longer to eat it since it was frozen forcing me slow down on eating them. I wondered if this had the same benefit that cold water has. Supposedly your body has to heat it up a little bit causing the body to use more calories.

For my little kids I still cut the grapes into forths like I do with the unfrozen kind because grapes are a choking hazard. Even half grapes are a choking hazard.

These were a real hit with my kids and my husband. I have been packing them in his lunch. They keep things cool and the taste is still good when they thaw out. I even used the frozen ones in a healthy chicken salad sandwich and it turned out great!

And to think that it was such a simple idea that I almost didn't do it!!! Happy Healthy Eating!


Anonymous said...

Susan, I love your site! Thanks so much for the great tips! Hope you're doing well and that the kids have adjusted well with your move! ~Angie

Kendall and Lee'sa said...

I LOVE frozen grapes. My grandma taught me that. Hey, I've been eating like crazp this past month due to vacation, family being in town, and Halloween. Can you email me any tips or secrets you might have on how to quickly get back on a cleanse or going without carbs for a few days etc???

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