Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hawaiian Haystacks with Caulirice

I love meals in which I can eat my required protein, carbs and calories but still share with the family without putting too much of a burden on them and to find one that they love is even better!!! This is one of those meals.

When we started to try to make a transition to healthier eating I mourned the loss of our rice meals. White rice is extremely high in calories and so is brown rice.
Though brown rice has a lot of benefits we HAD to cut calories so the rice meals went away. One day while surfing through some food blogs I stumbled across caulirice which will forever change our family for the better. Rice made out of cauliflower. It cooks in 5 min, has only a fraction of calories and adds a delicious flavor to the meal that I would have never expected from cauliflower. Don't discount the idea until you try it!

Hawaiian Haystacks are great! You can modify your toppings to make them more colorful or to fit your family's taste better. As I serve up mine I have my food scale ready for my portions but I am much less careful with my kids. I even add those little fried Asian crispy things to theirs if they are around but I use only celery on mine for the crunch.

98% fat free cream of chicken soup
frozen peas
pineapple bits
cooked shredded chicken breast
salt to taste

Use a food processor or salad shooter to chop an entire head of cauliflower into small rice size bits. Cover in microwave safe bowl and cook for 5 minutes. Do not add water. Remove from microwave and fluff. Take can of cream of chicken soup and add 1 can of water to make gravy and heat on stove top or microwave. Cut up celery and cook peas. You can also add sliced carrots, red peppers, olives and lots of other veggies.

Place rice on plate add veggies and top with gravy.

The statistic below are for the following measurements:
1 cup caulirice
4 oz chicken breast
1/4 cup diced celery
3 Tbs gravy
1/4 cup snow peas
1/4 cup pineapple bits (omit for less carbs)

Calories 210
Fat 2g
Cholesterol 72 mg
Sodium 343mg
Carbs 15g
Sugar 7g
Fiber 3g
Protein 30g

Picture to come!

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Dawn said...

Sounds great! Cant wait to try this!

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