Thursday, December 29, 2011

Protein Donuts

There is no taste substitute for a sweet, fat filled, greasy donut. So if hopes are high for that kind of treat this one will be a disappointment. But if you are hunting for an easy to make recipe that is yummy, low calorie, high protein and filling. Here it is!
One odd requirement to make this is a miniature baked donut maker! Also it is important to note that the body usually doesn't use more than 30 grams of protein per meal (these have 35) so with that being said I don't think we can count more than 30 grams of protein from this meal towards our total daily intake.

15 miniature protein donuts
1/3 cup oats ground into oat flour
5 egg whites
5 tsp of splenda sweetner
2 tbs apple sauce
1/2 scoop chocolate protein whey
1 tsp additional spenda for topping

Grind oats into oat flour in blender (this works great in the magic bullet with the flat blade), Combine all ingredients in blender or you can mix all ingredients and place in warmed donut baker. (Note you can mix protein powder later to make half plain donuts and half chocolate.). Sprinkle warmed donuts with spenda and serve.

Nutrition stats for 15 donuts:
Total Calories 273.5
Fat 3.01
Cholesterol 17.5
Sodium 308.5
Carbs 28.8
Fiber 3.28
Protein 35
sugars 6.2

1 comment:

Merri said...

Soooo mine didn't turn out as puffy as yours look. they were really flat. tasted fine, but it ended up making 21 flatty patties. :) Did i mix it too much?

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