Saturday, January 7, 2012

Customized meal plans a recommendation

I hope that is it is clear from the side bar that the meal plans I have shared are meal plans that I have made for my own family. They took a bit of work so I decided to share them on the blog that I had created around changing my lifestyle.

Clean eating has been a difficult lifestyle change for me. I have eaten poorly most of my life. I would eat and poorly but then run several miles to burn off the calories so I stayed somewhat thin but my family suffered. When my brother passed away at age 42 of a sudden heart attack I looked at my husband and children and knew that the change had to be made in my own life.

A friend introduced me to the idea of clean eating. She was busy with her new abounding business (kristi approved) but I hung on to whatever advice I could get out of her. I then began to read more and more about "clean eating". It felt right. I knew that the definition of "Eating Healthy" had been shaded over the years. It can mean anything from fat-free, free range, wheat instead of white, to a restaurant salads that still contain well over 1000 calories a serving and lots of hidden sugars. Clean-eating was more defined (although there is still a little bit of a debate but that is for another post.) I instantly felt better than I ever had when I tried it.

My meal plans are focused around keeping blood sugars level, hitting around 1600 calories and trying to involve the family. It took me a long time to figure out how to manage the meals in a way that I wouldn't get sick of the foods and also make it so I wasn't eating separately from my kids. It only seems fair to share these ideas. We can review the statistics on how a family meal influences our children. Better grades, less chance of substance abuse, and less chance of early sexual activity are just a few things that a meal together with parents and kids can provide. I wanted us to eat together.

I had these meal plans in pdf form on this site over two years ago but took them down and asked that people email me to get them. I receive about 5 emails a week every week until recently when my mail box got flooded for requests so I posted them back up. Since then the statistics on this site have sky rocketed and the plans have gotten a lot of unexpected attention. Some bad some good. Please be aware these are free, they are flawed but they are helpful. They are also not as clean as what I would like but for my family they were functional.

Thanks everyone for reading. I appreciate your kind words and emails!

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R Happy Journey said...

A co-worker sent me the link to your blog as she knew I had just started the P.I.N.K Method and told me to look at your caulrice idea. I just wanted you to know I tried it and loved it, so thanks for sharing! Much appreciated.

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