Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Fluffy Diet

Here are some new pics of my progress. I know they look a little repetitive and may look like I am going backwards but I am still trying to get back to where I was before I started my holiday free eating in December.

I have been asked a lot about what I am doing since I stopped endurance running and started lifting. I thought I would share. Just remember I am not perfect, just surviving on what I know and how much of that I can do. Please don't use this to judge me. Just love me ;)

I have a friend on the cut diet so I joke that I am on the "fluffy diet" since the cut diet isn't in my capacity right now I have modified where needed.

This is what is working for me right now. It changes every few days. I don't recommend any of this to anyone else.

Meals (Average day around 1500 calories)
Meal 1- preworkout- vanilla whey isolate protein with 1/4 cup blueberries, 6Save Now almonds
Meal 2- post workout- chocolate whey, 1/4 -1/2 banana
Meal 3- Apple Sauce Oatcakes, 1 cup spinach, 6 almonds
Meal 4- Chocolate whey protein mixed with strawberries, 6 almonds, green beans
Meal 5- Canned Chicken, fresh green beans, 6 almonds
Meal 6- Dinner with family- usually 3-4 oz Chicken, fibrous veggies (try to modify family meal)
Meal 7- 225 grams Fage Greek yogurt, splenda, sugar free fat free caramel flavoring just before bed (Thanks Lindsey for introducing me to this!)
During workout-BCAA powder
Multi-vitamin and fish oil when I remember

One free day a week. Which nearly ruins everything. I would suggest only a free meal for everyone else but I do like to have a free day where I can let my mind rest as well as my body because eating like this is work to me.

I try not to eat carbs besides fibrous veggies (asparagus, green beans, spinach after meal 4 or before bedtime) I try to hit 150-170 grams of protein which will be high for any girl my size who doesn't want to build muscle. Supposedly the Greek Yogurt breaks down slowly and makes your body less likely to dip into it's protein stores throughout the night.

6 days a week
1 1/2 to 2 hours daily
1 hour weights, 20-30 minutes cardio
Cardio-stairstepper, running, HIIT Training, arc trainer or plyometrics

Monday-Shoulders (Yep an entire hour)
Tuesday-Arms and Abs
Thursday- Back
Friday-Chest and Abs
Saturday- Legs/plyometrics

Go to bed at 8:30 or 9:00 get up at 4:30

Lots of people who are trying to build muscle don't do cardio at the same time as weights. I am very limited in my time. If I can't get it in by 7 I can't do it.

For a while I thought I was being selfish. I decided to stop working out. When I did that I got up later than I would if I went and worked out. I was more disorganized and grouchy. I didn't get in my girl chat time with other moms, gained weight, started to get tired and I even got a touch of the blues. My kiddos wondered what happened to their real mommy. In the end, I decided it was better for everyone if I worked out. I can clearly state that personally I am a much better person and much better to serve others when I spend time on my mind, body and spirit.

For your free copy please email fitfamilymeals@gmail.com. We send the emails out once, sometimes twice a day, so just be patient with us and we'll get it to you. 


Helen said...

Thanks for sharing! I really appreciate you!

seesuerun said...

Awe thanks Helen!

Merri said...

You are not fluffy! Those pics look awesome! Today I caved...the thought of the same meals finally got to me :). This morning I couldn't eat the green beans. The kids pb & js looked really good this morning and Carson's lunch looked even better...so I had to have some. I had all kinds of justifications. It's funny what you go through in your head trying to make it seem ok to give up. Oh well it was a good run for 3 perfect days!

Tabitha said...

I enjoy girl time too! Do you really wake up at 4:30? Do you now? I want to start lifting with you! I want those shoulders! I am SO glad you asked me to run with you. What perfect timing.

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