Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pre-Meal Munchie Management

When I begin to cook about a half hour to an hour before dinner, my sharks (little boys) begin to swarm around my feet. The aroma of the meal makes them hungry and thy can hardly stand to wait another minute!

My friend Lisa Willey introduced me to this wonderful concept of putting healthy foods on the cupboard or table at eye level and within reach at this pre-meal time. Sure it might spoil a few appetites to have them snacking right before dinner but it makes fresh fruits and veggies available to the family when they are at their hungriest. 

When we are hungry we will most likely choose foods that are easily within reach and so will our kiddos. I look at it as the pre-meal salad. Here is a picture of our pre-meal munchies this evening. I either take what is left over and put it on the table for dinner or put it in the fridge for other snack times.

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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Merri said...

It really is a great tip! And I am loving the new look on your blog.

Donna Smith said...

oh thanks for this idea. It could be like a salad that is hard to eat sometimes. I think I will try this for me also.

Sheri said...

fantastic idea!

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