Saturday, February 4, 2012

Burn 500 calories in 15 minutes in your pajamas!

Sounds like an infomercial right? Well unlike some infomercials this actually works!

Most people can burn 500 calories in an hour long workout. Some more, some less. For the average person this is the amount of calories that they would burn on a 5 mile run.

Most people consume way over 500 calories in less than 15 minutes. If you eat fast food it is likely that you eat over 2000 calories in the same time frame.

What we eat may shape our body more than how exercise can shape it.
A person who eats well can look like they workout even if they don't. The opposite is true for a person who may workout daily but eats poorly. They may not look like they exercise because of what they eat. Again you can eat in 5-15 minutes what it takes an hour to burn off in the gym.

If a person exercises 6 days a week, an hour each day but does not have time to meal plan and eats poorly than something needs to change. It would be well worth their time to take one of those days and instead of heading to the gym they could spend an hour or more on healthy meal planning, grocery shopping, or preparing meals ahead of time like cutting veggies. (But don't skip the workouts all together, that isn't what I am saying.)

So how do you burn 500 calories in 15 minutes in your pajamas? A person can save themselves well over 500 calories a day by taking 15 minutes to pack a cooler full of good foods that they eat throughout the day or for the next day. You will make better choices on a full stomach after dinner in your pajamas than you will the next day busy, pushed to your limit and looking for a quick snack.

I know what you are thinking...I shouldn't have said "burn" in the title of this post because you are not really burning many calories by packing a cooler but you do "save" calories and though the word "save" isn't as romantic as "burn" it sure is easier! So if you could 500 calories in 15 minutes, would you?

Happy Healthy Eating!
- Susan

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This is great Susan!

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