Monday, February 6, 2012

The Form You Run With - A Healthy Life Lesson

For exercise beginners and those trying to transition to healthier eating here is something to keep in mind.

I once ran with a group of very elite runners. All were major marathon winners but me. It was a valuable time to ask questions and get feedback on running. I asked the age old question "What is the best running form?" I was surprised as they almost answered in unison "The one you run with." 

They explained that if you are a long distance runner who runs lots of miles a day and longer on the weekends your body will take on the form that is best for it to run with, one in which it expends the least amount of energy with the greatest amount of efficiency. I thought this was interesting. While there are a few different philosphys on running form I found this a very profound lesson on healthy living transition.

Lots of beginners ask questions like "What is best? Working out in the morning or working out in the evening?" While I have my own opinion on which one is optimal the real answer is "The one you run with." Which one can you do and which one do you do? Which makes it easier to exercise or eat healthy and brings you closer to living the healthiest lifestyle possible. 

If working out in the morning makes you grouchy all day and you gave it a good full hearted try, revert to what is easiest and best for you to maintain. The same goes for eating. If you are following a meal plan and one of the meals makes you gag and you have given it a good try then switch it out for something else with similar nutrient content such as carbs/fats/protein (unless you are training for something then talk to your nutritionist).

As a person is starting out. It is best to find workouts and environments that make you the most comfortable. Ones that you would like to return to. As your muscles begin to build memory (fiber recruitment) you will be able to take on new challenges.

There are many more questions like this. What is better? Running or Weightlifting? Pilates or Yoga? Although all have answers and depend on goals, the answers differ for beginners. Which one do you run with. Which one are you able to maintain and will keep you on your journey? This should not be used as an excuse but as a tool. Once again as your body adapts and plateaus it is important to find new challenges but for now "run with it!"

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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