Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fit Family April Fools Traditions

Here is one of our favorite April Fools Jokes "The Fake Daddy"
I snapped a picture of one of my kids early in the morning as he was discovering that what he thought was his daddy was only a news paper glued to card board held by a ruler and a pair of daddy;s stuffed pants.

In response the next year on April Fools day I walked into the living room and found a funny sight built by one of my 6 yr old twins.
I captured it in the picture above. We call it "The Fake Twins" I laughed until I cried.

I am sure you have seen this one before I posted it last year. April fools cupcakes. Colored mashed potatoes on top of meatloaf cupcakes. You can tell I am not very good at the whole cupcake decorating thing but the kids loved it. I am looking for new ideas for this year for dinner.

April Fools is one of our favorite holidays. It can not only be a fun time for tasteful tricks but a great day to make memories and traditions as a family. I try to keep it fun and not a time to dread. As a family we try to do tricks that don't hurt, embarrass or make a person look silly in front of others but my kids are small.

Here are some links to some sites with fun ideas.

Have a happy fun day!

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