Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kids Run Club and Dogs

Dogs (running safety)

I got a lot of the material for this lesson from this link wikihow . We talked mostly about preventing a dog attack by watching for them and not taunting them but we added what to do in case of an attack. 

One thing thing that I added to the websites material was to watch for the whites of the dogs eyes. When they are up set or ready to attack their eyes get big and you can see the white. 

I also brought a dog and we practiced asking the owner (me) if we could pet them. Too many kids run up to dogs and suppose they are ok to pet just because the owner is there. It was kind of funny that during this lesson plan a stray dog came around wanting to play with the kids. 

They were able to put some things from this lesson into practice. The dog was wagging it's tail and its head was "low to the ground". They could easily identify those things and recognize that the dogs intentions were to play.

Feel free to use my ideas but please don't claim rights to them on your own site. These are my original ideas and thoughts. Send people back here to the site and I would appreciate it.

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