Monday, March 19, 2012

Kids Run Club

Since this is a Fit "Family" website I thought it might be helpful to some of you ultra determined parents out there to share some of my ideas that I have had doing a kids running club.

A kids run club is a pretty cool thing. First of all, whatever sport your youngins are involved in they will benefit from running. It strengthens the lungs and heart and provides a great base for strength and agility. It has a stress relieving effect by releasing endorphin's and it is a great wiggle-getter-outer.

I started a neighborhood running club because there wasn't one available.

At each club we:
  • Review running logs
  • Discuss running safety
  • Do conditioning
  • Discuss a running principle
  • Practice a running principle
  • Cool down and stretch
  • Have a post-workout snack and review a nutrition principle
You may be able to just barley make out the schedule up above. I will try to get a better pic on soon and I have typed it out here below.

Spy Training Kids Run Club

Purpose: The club is a way for kids to learn and practice the basics of running with a fun spy theme twist. It also encourages kids to begin a lifelong love f running by  preparing them for and involving them in an early personal experience with a marathon.

Safety focus:
Warm up/cool down/shoes
Car caution
Be seen
Buddy power
Water wise
Car caution (again)

Skill Practice:
Spy Feet
Spy Running Form
Spy Planning/ When to go hard/easy
Spy Partner running
Mission impossible training. Long vs fast vs easy runs
Fartlek/run walk method
Spy Hill training
Types of Race/race etiquette

Daily class format:
Safe Spy Safety Focus and review running logs
Warm up
Practice skill with game or running
Cool down stretch
Nutrition Fact and snack
Pick up

Below I have included a few of my object lessons for teaching they are not the entire lesson plans. Feel free to use these ideas but please don't claim rights to them on your own site. These are my original ideas and thoughts. Send people back here to the site and I would appreciate it. Some are running safety principles and some are on running form.

Warm up - (running safety)

Run Like a Spy (running form)

Dogs (running safety)

Car Caution (running safety)

These are just some ideas. Some cities and counties have grants available for clubs like this.


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Kelley said...

Hey Susan! I absolutely love all of your ideas you have here! I am helping with the running club at my school and would love to see your other ideas you had on the safety focus and skill practices. I know you've posted a few but wanted to see if you wouldn't mind sharing the others in more detail. As a teacher I really admire your ideas and illustrations for the kiddos!

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