Friday, March 23, 2012

Kids Running Club and Car Caution

Car Caution (running safety)

I got a large cardboard box. Like a refrigerator box and brought it and told them it was the same size as the front end of a truck. I had some of the kids turn around. While I took about 10 kids and had them hide behind the box. 

The other kids had to guess how many kids were behind there. They were surprised to see how many could fit. We talked about how the people in the car have difficulty seeing kids their size.

The theme for this lesson plan was "be seen". We showed kids which colors to wear and not to wear. We brought shirts for different kids to put on. I brought my head lamps and reflective gear. To show them what to wear at night. 

Honestly I am surprised at how many adults don't run with reflective gear. I have showed up to night or early morning runs where I am the only nerd who dares wear "the vest" or head lamp. But after running with the group for just a little while everyone starts wearing their reflective gear. 

It is just nice to know that cars have a way of seeing you even when you are trying to avoid them. I ran once with a woman who told me about when she was with someone that got hit by a car while running. Not a pretty story...I didn't tell the kids that one but is scared me enough to "Be Seen" while running.

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