Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Finding Balance and Sticking to it

Balance is hard to find. 
It is harder to keep but as we strengthen our core (values) we can always find it and come back to it even when we lose it for a time.

Here is a pic with me and my third child. It says it all. I am so in love with my little family. Clean eating is proving to be one of the best things for them as well as for me.

I keep this blog not because eating is my strength but because it is my weakness.

I love and have always loved exercise and have done it regularly since I was 18. I am now 35 and feel like I have tamed that beast. I got it down. Clean Eating is an entirely different monster. My goal is to love eating clean as much as I love exercise. This blog has been a journal of that progress.

I have far to go but I am "going" and that is what is important.

I have felt, seen and love the difference of eating clean.

I love it when I eat a ton of food and I loose weight.

I have encountered a lot of failures and set backs.

Right now I feel like I am once again coming off of one of those low times.

Christmas wasn't too bad this year but Easter was my Achilles heel. I hit a point where I thought of a lot of reasons to stop and I did for a while.

My thoughts and reasons to stop eating clean:
Why am I doing this?
I am not doing any type of competition, and its winter.
My family is in limbo, We are waiting to hear if we will move across the US again. At any moment my life could completely change.
We are contemplating another baby in the future

I rationalized my way back to eating badly for a few weeks. I have no real accountability as my husband loves me in whatever stage I am in and no one else around me really cares either. I have no trainer or coach at this time. I stopped planning and stopped caring. I ate like the average US citizen and felt terrible, I gained weight and lost muscle. I love to eat out with girlfriends and participate in family parties. My social life has always revolved around food. I reverted.

I said I was taking a break for my family and my relationships but when I stopped planning and eating clean I start thinking about it all the time and it consumed my thoughts. When I am doing badly I can't seem to get my health or the health of my family out of my mind. When I am eating right and have a plan I don't think about it much at all. It frees my mind to have a plan. I am a much better mother, wife and homemaker.

Looking back at some of the pictures I realized how close I was to my goals and yet I just let them go.
I have started the planning and eating clean again. I feel so much more freedom and have lost weight and I am eating a ton and I enjoy what I am eating!

The Benefits of Clean Eating (These are very specific to me):
I feel awesome
I never overeat or feel wasteful
It frees my mind
My mind and memory is much more clear
My house is clean
I am not controlled by food
My clothes seem to fit the way I want them to
I don't have to exercise nearly as much which provides energy in itself
My husband and children eat much better (when I gain 10 pounds my husband gains double that)
I spend less money
My skin is clearer
Eating 6 balanced meals a day seems to keep my hormones in balance
I am much more peaceful
I am confident
My family will be greater fortified against cancer, heart disease and stoke
My kids learn to love healthy foods early on and make them apart of their life
My kids always have fresh cut vegetables and fruit within reach
I am better at planning for the success of my children

I haven't reached a point where I eat all organic, raw or vegan but I am at a place where I have found balance and it feels good. Some people focus so much on eating clean that they don't focus on caloric intake and macro nutrients. It is possible to "eat clean" and be heavy and unhealthy. I have put a lot of focus recently into macro nutrients. That seemed to make the greatest difference for me.

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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KEYSHA said...

I appreciate this post! I feel that lately I have slacked off of keeping track of what I am eating...and kept making excuses and exceptions for things that I was eating. Your list of why clean eating works for you is right on! Thank you for sharing and for motivating me to get back to tracking my food and making smarter eating decisions. I am nursing a four-month old baby so I justify some of my need for more food for him....but it's just an excuse and I need to drink more water and focus on how clean eating makes me feel better and stronger and more in control.
Best of luck to you as you gain control again...! Keep up your blog; it's great!

seesuerun said...

It's been over a year and somehow I missed this comment. Thanks Kesha for the kind words. I'm reinspired.

seesuerun said...

It's been over a year and somehow I missed this comment. Thanks Kesha for the kind words. I'm reinspired.

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