Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fit Philly Steak Sandwich: Healthy and Flavorful!

One of my favorite meals is the Philly Steak Sandwich. But the real sandwich tops 1000 calories!  I have tried multiple low calorie versions of this and each time it came out tasting..less than desirable. But today I made it! It was delicious! The kids loved it! The husband loved it and it was BELOW 300 calories (287 to be exact!) I can't even tell you how awesome that is! The only problem is that it was so good that even though I was full I wanted more! But I resisted! There it always tomorrow and I can eat the left overs then! I made it using my mom's leftover Sunday roast which is an art in itself but I will do my best to explain.

Here is the recipe per person so you can see the nutrition stats:
1 green onion
1/4 green pepper
2 washed white mushrooms
3 oz lean roast beef (we used the left over pot roast cooked for 12 hours on low heat with water added)
1 tsp Au jus seasoning (buy in packets do not mix in water)
3 Tbs Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt
1 tbs mozzarella cheese

1 slice Ezekiel Bread (can find in health food stores or you can use Sara Lee 45 calorie bread and have two slices)

Olive oil spray

Coat stove top pan with olive oil spray and lightly saute chopped green onions, chopped green peppers and mushrooms. Watch closely so that the green peppers don't burn it will ruin them. Add spray as needed. Cut beef into small pieces or shred if shred-able. Add beef  to pan and mix with vegetables. Add 2 Tbs water and then add Au Jus flavoring. Mix again so flavoring is even throughout. After vegetables are well cooked with the meat turn the heat to medium low and add the Greek Yogurt and mix in well and then add the cheese on top. The Greek Yogurt adds a little tang and moisture so that less cheese needs to be added. Salt to preferred taste. Serve on top of 1 lightly toasted and unbuttered Ezekiel bread or Sara Lee 45 calorie bread. Serve open faced but hold the slice like a hot dog bun. Enjoy!

Calories 287.9
Fat 7.65
Carbs 19.83
Protein 34.14
Sugars 6.25

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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