Thursday, April 19, 2012

Marathon Mom vs Weights Mom

These pictures were taken at different times.

You can choose which one looks best in your mind but I know which one feels best and it is definitely the weight training.

It takes a lot less time and has a greater visual result but was not as euphoric as the running. While running I could never get full but with lifting and eating clean I was full all of the time.

Right now I am trying to once again mix the two. I will let you know how that one goes : )

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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Anonymous said...

Just found your website from facebook. Loved reading everything. Keep up the good work

A million sunsets said...

Susan - tell me more. This is a good plan for me. Please share some basics, even a piece at a time!

seesuerun said...

Lisa I will do my best. It is so much easier than what people think. The basics are on the right of this page.

KEYSHA said...

I'm curious how running and eating clean is working for you. I hear so many times how we don't need to "run ourselves ragged" to be in shape. There have been times in my life when I was in the best shape and leanest when I was eating clean and doing very minimal cardio. I enjoy running, but I do find that it makes me more hungry and once again, I begin to justify eating more (and probably not the best choices!) I would be curious how you have managed to balance it all out. I love to exercise but have a difficult time making time for it all..running, weight training, pilates, cycling, etc.

Anonymous said...

Love following your website and Facebook page!! Like you, I'm a runner and I love it, however, I am now wanting to build more muscle and have been doing weight training and bootcamp type activities for awhile now, which I LOVE! My question to you is this: Like you were, I'm already pretty lean (in fact, my mom and other people tell me I need to put on weight!) so I'm wondering how much weight are you using when you work your arms? I'm trying to lift more weight, because I know this is how I'm really going to build more muscle and change my overall shape. But there's only so much I can lift right now without compromising form. I currently use anythng from 8 - 15 lbs, depending on the exercise (and 15lbs. is pushing it!) I also eat pretty clean (not completely, but probably 85% clean.) Any helpful tips on how you worked your way up to heavier weights? And how often did you work out with weights to achieve the results in the picture? Thank you so much for any input/suggestions! :)

seesuerun said...

I did work up slowly. I did less reps which seems to be better for building muscle and only did each muscle group once a week which allowed a 7 day recovery. The reps were usually 12,10,8 depending on the week. I then increased the weight with each new set of reps so 12 was maybe with 15s, 10 with 20s, 8 with 25s. It doesn't matter the weight just that the last 2 reps are nearly unbearble then you know your muscles are hitting the point of break down and stimulate the rebuilding of more surrounding muscle fibers. There are so many different ways to do this that is just how I did it at the time of these particular pics. Body has great plans for women in our situation. Good luck!

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