Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Common "Mom Habits" that Sabotage Weight Loss

Our bodies are much like a house.

When things are running smoothly the occupants can occasionally handle a mess to clean up. But when things get busy and more and more mess is coming into the house, the mess starts to pile up and build. Our bodies can eat junk food once in a while without much disturbance but when it becomes habit our bodies become efficient at storing it instead of using it.

Although these bad habits that I am about to list apply to everyone, Moms are the call out here. To great moms the term "motherhood" means sacrifice and selflessness. Giving up something for the ones we love seems noble but if it is our health that we are sacrificing then lets be very clear, It is not best for them or us...not even in the name of motherhood. Its effect is just the opposite. It takes us from them, either by an early demise or by making it so that we cannot fully participate in their childhood in ways that we could otherwise.

Here are 4 common "Mom Habits" that sabotage weight loss:

Staying up late.
Moms don't get a minute to themselves during the day so they often find a little down time after everyone is bed. If you are like me at times I just get tired of being required. A few minutes to myself brings a little sanity back into my life. But if mom is up too late it can affect her fitness and nutrition goals. 

Sleep deprived people crave carbs, lose muscle and eat more calories than those that get 71/2 hours of sleep. Analyze what you do at night and decided how important it is. I find that my own productivity goes down. I surf the web, play on facebook and perhaps flip through non important TV shows. Our bodies want rest and we will get a bigger bang out of our next day and eat better by going to bed earlier preferably before 10:00 pm.

Not eating breakfast
Many moms skip breakfast. They get themselves, kids and husbands dressed and lunches packed. They also make breakfast for everyone else but in their rush they neglect eating their own most important meal of the day. 

A breakfast with a nice punch of protein and fiber will keep mom's tank full for much longer and kick start her metabolism. It is never a good idea to skip a meal and the worst meal to skip is often the hardest one to get in - breakfast.

Not planning meals
If you don't plan ahead and counter hunger in the moment with good foods then you are much more influenced by the advertising of the multimillion dollar fast/junk food industry that has hoards of scientists, marketers and other experts who dedicate all their time to delivering subconscious messages to you and your family on what you should be eating so that you can make them rich. Sounds like a conspiracy right? It is! 

They know what shows we watch, they know the colors and faces that they should put on billboards so that we will look at them. They even put toys that compliment the latest box office hits in their kids meals. They spent millions of dollars on real estate locations that are strategically placed so that when you are on your way home from work you will pass right by them and if you don't have a plan you are much more likely to stop even if you hate that you are doing it. 

Some people think that a "diet" or "meal planning" enslaves them but it is the other way around. It frees us from these other influences that have no interest in us or our children's well being. Only our pocket books. Planning is will power. Find a good program or healthy eating philosophy and stick to it. Plan ahead a week, a day or even a few meals in advance. It will help you eat healthy and save money too.

Skipping post workout meal
Eating a light meal with a lean protein and a fast absorbing carbohydrate right after a workout is not only good for the bodies repair process but is also good to counter hunger throughout the day. Many women think that they should skip the post workout meal because of the calories they consume in the post workout (which I like to keep under 250 calories). 

 Also they may not feel hungry after vigorous or moderate exercise. Those who eat a post workout meal, however, tend to eat less calories in the following meals because they are not as hungry or caloricly deprived and therefore have positive decision making skills still intact when it comes to food choices and portion control.

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

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