Friday, June 1, 2012

Ways to trick your self into exercising

I will admit there are times when I don't want to exercise especially since I wake up several hours before the sun rises. Although it is habit now and I feel a little lost if I don't do it there are times when the alarms goes off and I want to roll over and go back to bed instead of go workout.

I have learned how to "trick my self into exercising" over the years. (Thanks Jackie for keying this phrase)

Get dressed-When your alarm goes off or when you are getting ready to go, get dressed all the way down to your shoes. Also don't forget to brush your teeth. I tell myself some mornings that if I still feel like a zombie after that process then I will lay back down and sleep for a few minutes. I never do.

Meet a friend- This has been the heavy hitter for me. I am so blessed  to find people who are reliable workout partners. It is in my personality not to let others down so if I have a reliable person waiting on me it takes a lot for me not to show. This has been one of the greatest reasons for my success in my own exercise endeavors and why I have successfully trained for so long. I have reliable people by my side with the same desires and goals that I have. How do you find a good workout partner? Who do you see our running at the same time, or working out at the same time at the gym? I would start there. Always get to know someone pretty well before training with them.

Sign up for a class- Although I am not taking or teaching classes right now this was something that used to keep me going. Try to find a class that fulfills a need even deeper than exercise. For example if you like to dance then Zumba may be your thing. Find a social network within the class settings and encourage each other.

Buy a gym membership- This doesn't work for everyone but it will for the frugally minded folks who find it a hard to spend me :)

Put music in your ears- If you workout to a certain type of music then get dressed like stated above and put your music in your ears. It can put you in the mood mentally.

Go to bed early- Even with all the tricks in the book, if you are trying to get up early but go to bed late that is pure sabotage. Find a reason and a way to hit the sack at a decent time. If you are a chronic night owl and know that early mornings are not in your system then plan it later on in the day. Get it in at a time that you have found to be successful in the past.

Happy Healthy Eating!

- Susan

Now that you have read how to trick yourself into exercising, if you were waiting for the perfect time to start eating clean with your family, the time is now. Sign up for your free meal plan today!

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nuts4knits said...

Your site is a treasure trove! Thank you so much for sharing all of your hard planning work with us moms. I recently (January) finally turned a corner in my life toward clean eating and fitness, but though I'm enjoying the exercise and generally love the healthier fare, I also crave the junk I'm still trying to leave behind. Your site is a breath of fresh air for a mom overwhelmed by all of the information available. You speak "busy-but-joyful mom" fluently, and I appreciate your down to earth approach. Thanks! Denelle in TN

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