Saturday, July 7, 2012

Apologies for clean eating meal plan requests

I want to apologize to all you wonderful followers who have requested meal plans in the last week. I save up the emails and usually send them out in one hit but this week has been crazy. If you don't get them by Monday feel free to re-email me.

We bought a home and are in the middle of moving so I am still working on getting the replies and PDFs out.

Thanks also to those of you who report back. I love to hear your success! I lost count at 200 pounds lost using these plans. I am sure it is in the thousands now. Not bad.

Have patience with me for the next two weeks. I will probably post some older posts that I have sitting in my drafts folder. My computer access will be limited. 

Have a Happy Healthy Week!

For your free copy please email We send the emails out once, sometimes twice a day, so just be patient with us and we'll get it to you. 

- Susan

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